36V 11.6Ah E-Bike Phylion Battery SF-06 Joycube Fischer

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Original Li-ion Cell 36V11.6Ah Lithium-ion Battery Electric Bicycle for Phylion/SF-06 / JOYCUBE/JCEB360-11.6

1. Technical Data:
Voltage: 36V
Capaticy: 11.6Ah
Energy: 430Wh
Weight(with holder): ca. 3.0kg
Cell: High Power 18650
Cycle Life(time): 1000+
Standard Current: 10A
Max Current: 19A
Protect Current: 23A
End Voltage: 28V
Charge Voltage: 42V
Charge Current: 2A

Part models of Fischer-this battery can be fit for:
EM 1504, ETD 1606, ETH 1606, ETD 1607, ETH 1607, EM 1608, EM 1609, EM 1614, ETD 1616, ETH 1616

2.Packing list
1x Battery
1x Charger
2x Key
1x Discharge connector
1x User manual

    3.Warm tips
    *Please read the instruction manual carefully after received the package, this will help you to use the product effectively.
    *Battery delivery cost much more than ordinary goods, in order to reduce the return shipping cost, please make sure: battery and motor should have the same voltage.e.g. 36V10Ah vs 36V350W.
    *If you want to return our battery back, please pay attention to the following points to avoid short circuit caused by improper operation :
    1. If the battery has a switch, be sure to turn off the power switch.
    2. Please keep the positive and negative poles of the battery insulated just like the battery you received.
    3. Please use foam or other materials to fix the battery to avoid the battery shake in the carton.

    4.Important notice for recycling of used batteries
    *As a professional battery distributor, we strictly abide by local laws and regulations to ensure battery quality, transportation and storage safety, environmental protection.
    *According to the battery regulation, batteries must not be disposed of with household ordinary waste. 
    *Consumers are obliged to dispose of the used batteries to the professional recycling agency for proper disposal. They must not be arbitrarily thrown into the trash. Please protect the environment!

    Copyright Statement:
    All the contents including words, pictures, and videos are originally made by YOSE POWER.
    It is not allowed to plagiarize without permission or we keep the right to pursue legal responsibility. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Richard Green
    Exact replacement for Carrera Crossfire 2017.

    Fits into the existing frame straight from box. Just been on 38 mile,60 km, with a good quarter of charge remaining. Have to use the new charger supplied, not the old one.

    Very good

    Very good as of now

    Geoff Hardman
    Carrera Crossfire 2017

    Battery appears to work well with the above e-bike, though there is no %age display. This is no real issue as the battery bar indication works.
    This is a much more cost effective solution than buying from Halfords, who at present cannot confirm when they will have OEM batteries available.

    Exact fit for Carrera 2019 models

    This battery exactly fits the My Carrera Vulcan E Bike. Halford is selling the same battery for £500, but here at £200 is the best deal. the charging time may take upto 7hrs. but it last long for 5hrs on tour mode.

    Perfect fit replacement

    This battery was a perfect fit to replace the battery on my Carrera Crossfire purchased from Halfords in 2018 , it came with a mount and charger for half the price of a replacement from Halfords,a good solid construction and nice finish , I didn’t use the mount as it fitted straight into my existing one .
    Performs just as the original did when new , the only thing is the battery doesn’t provide percentage information on the bikes display just the bars on the remaining charge which is no big deal. All in all a great replacement at half the price.

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