4into1 Cable / 5into1 Cable fit for Motor Kit with Lishui Controller

Yose PowerSKU: CX200117-03

Style: 4into1
Ship From: China
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Technical Data:
Fit for: 4into1 cable is fit for rear motor kit with 18A Lishui controller.
           5into1 cable is fit for front motor kit with 15A Lishui controller.
Cable length: 150cm
Weight: 0.15kg

Packing List
1x cable

Warm Tips:
*Shipping from China takes 15-20 working days.

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It is not allowed to plagiarize without permission or we keep the right to pursue legal responsibility.

Customer Reviews

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Klaus Berg
Alles OK

Alles OK

Anthony Moseley

I received the cable quicker than I expected. Thank you for that. I purchased the Yose rear wheel kit some 2 years ago. It had worked exceptionally well during that time. However a few weeks ago the unit would not switch on - completely dead. As a retired electronics engineer I was able to diagnose the problem. The cable connecting the display unit to the controller had developed a fault. At the controller end I found the red lead connecting to pin1 had gone open circuit. As a stop gap measure I opened the cable carefully with a scalpel on both the cable and controller and bridged between the two. The unit powered up and I was able to ride my bike until the new cable arrived.

Erik Mikkelsen

4into1 Cable / 5into1 Cable fit for Motor Kit with Lishui Controller

Per Dyrnesli Kristensen
Fast delivery

I love your sparepart service, you had all parts I needed and delivered very fast.

Patrick Morgan
Replacement cable

I have 2 Yosepower driven bikes and I thought the light cable was open circuit but it wasn’t. This will do as a spare. They are good quality cables and haven’t let any moister through. My Yosepower kits have been good- one is nearly 2 years old and used every other day. All weathers.

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