Why Choose an Electric Bike
Biking has become the top choice for exercise. Both traditional bikes and electric bikes offer you a way to get outside and work your muscles while maintaining social distancing. This increase in biking frequency can also have a positive impact on the environment, traffic congestion and personal health.

Why Bicycling is Great Exercise During Social Distancing
In this section, we will show you why you should buy an electric bike. These innovative bicycles offer a number of benefits that can be enjoyed.

Avoiding Public Transportation
Electric bikes allow you to travel further with less fatigue than a traditional bike. This makes them ideal for getting to places within your community while avoiding public transportation and rideshare services. While precautions are being taken in our transportation industries to keep riders and operators safe, it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of virus transmission in a closed space like a car or bus.
However, an electric bike will allow you to travel upwards of 30km in an hour. Combine this speed with a pannier bag and you can easily knock off errands like buying groceries from your to-do list without risking public transportation.

Getting Fresh Air
The pandemic swept through the world just as many of us were preparing to get outside after the long winter. This has resulted in even more indoor time than usual – a fact that can have a serious effect on health. Bone aches, depression and trouble sleeping can all be attributed to a lack of sunlight and vitamin D. As little as 15 minutes of bike riding a day can get you all the vitamin D and sunlight you need to stave off this ill effect.s

Calorie Burning Without the Strain
E-bikes are designed to assist riders to make taking on obstacles like hills easier. Also, they require less force to operate on flat ground. However, this ease does not mean you are not burning calories.
An hour of electric bike riding will burn around 300 calories for most riders and even more for others. Also, new riders who are not used to bike riding and those with mobility concerns can easily enjoy this versatile form of exercise thanks to the pedal-assist function. This functionality and ease of usage is why you should buy an e-bike even with social distancing.

Why choose Yose Power products to DIY electric bicycles
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Yose Power electric bicycle batteries use 18650 batteries. They have undergone charging and discharging tests before leaving the factory, and anti-drop tests to ensure the safety of each battery.

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