How to Release Pressure?

The Impact of Excessive Pressure

With the development of society, people are also facing tremendous life pressure. Stress may come from work or interpersonal communication. Over time, if pressure is not released, it will continue to accumulate in people's mental health.

On the one hand, too much pressure will affect people’s health. People may have a fever or develop infections. Because if people are over-stressed for a long term, the immune system of the human body will be affected to a certain extent. People may experience insomnia, irritability, anxiety, depression, etc.

On the other hand, these mental states in turn can also affect a person's physical health and increase the risk of other diseases. Long term excessive stress can lead to an increase in blood pressure and can also cause symptoms such as indigestion and abdominal pain.

In conclusion, long-term mental stress can have negative effects on both physical and mental health. If you feel too much pressure, even if this state has been ongoing for a period of time, you must take it seriously and take appropriate measures to alleviate it in a timely manner.

The Way to Reduce Stress

There are many ways to relieve stress. Exercising is also an effective way to relieve pressure. So does cycling. It can be a great way to refresh the body and to relieve daily stress and tension.

Cycling is a form of aerobic exercise that releases endorphins, which can improve mood and reduce stress. Cycling outdoors provides an opportunity to connect with nature, which has been shown to have a calming effect on the mind and body. Focusing on the present moment while cycling can help calm racing thoughts and reduce anxiety.

Overall, cycling can provide many benefits for mental health and well-being, offering a fun and healthy way to decrease stress and unwind.

The Advantages of E-Bike

However, cycling can be physically demanding, especially for those who are not used to it. Long rides or uphill climbs can be particularly challenging. In this way, besides feeling tired, people may no longer be able to think of cycling to release stress and relax their mood.

Therefore, part of the reason for the popularity of bicycles is also because they can bring more convenience to people. E-bikes can make cycling more accessible to people who may not be able to ride a traditional bike due to physical limitations or lack of cycling experience.

E-Bikes produce zero emissions, making them an eco-friendly mode of transportation. E-bikes still require pedaling, providing some level of exercise and promoting overall health and fitness. E-bikes allow us to travel farther and faster with less effort, making them a practical and efficient alternative to driving or public transportation for commuting. E-bikes can help reduce traffic congestion, especially in urban areas where cars are the primary mode of transportation.

The Affordable Way to Get an E-Bike

The average price for a mid-range e-bike with decent specifications is generally around $1,500 to $3,000 USD. However, e-bike conversion kits are often more affordable than buying a brand new e-bike, making it a cost-effective option for those who already own a traditional bike.

The e-bike conversion kits can alleviate those problems which people will encounter during cycling as well. Most e-bike conversion kits can be easily installed on existing bikes with basic tools, allowing us to convert our existing bike into an e-bike. E-bike conversion kits come in a variety of sizes and power levels, allowing us to customize our e-bike to meet our specific needs and preferences.

ebike kit


For example, this e-bike conversion kit from YOSE POWER is worth trying. It is one of the e-bike conversion kit which has met with a warm reception. What’s more, it can be easily installed on traditional bikes with basic tools. This e-bike conversion kit is realiable. It will help you to deal with the bridges, headwind and uphills.

The Details of the E-Bike Conversion Kit

The circle life of this e-bike battery is over 1000 times. It means that the battery has a long lifespan and can be charged and discharged frequently without losing much capacity. The mileage of power mode can reach to about 50km and the eco mode can reaches to around 180km under test conditons(Temperature : 20°C / Weight : 70kg / With 36V350W motor and pedal assist).

ebike battery

In order to extend the lifespan of e-bike battery, it should be stored in a dry and cool place, ideally at room temperature (between 20-25°C). We should avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures, moisture or direct sunlight, as these can cause damage to the battery.

 It is helpful that if we regularly check and clean the battery terminals to ensure they are free of dirt, debris, and corrosion. We could use a soft dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth to clean the battery as needed.

 Apart from that, we are supposed to avoid letting the battery run completely out of charge, as this can reduce its lifespan. Recharge the battery before it runs completely empty.

ebike display

The 3.5"LCD display has 5 assist levels and 6km/h assist with holding minus button. It also has front light switch by pressing shortly.

ebike kit

The price range for YOSE POWER's e-bike conversion kits varies depending on the model and specifications, but generally falls within the mid-range category.

By the way, the controller bag and conversion tools will be provided as gifts. Reviews of YOSE POWER's e-bike conversion kits are generally positive, with users praising their affordability, ease of installation, and overall quality.

Now this e-bike conversion kit is €20 cheaper than before. Use discount code yua10 to get €10 off, check it out here : Looking forward to your e-bike DIY with this conversion kit from YOSE POWER. The comfortable cycling life is about to come.


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