Here Comes Your New Cycling Partner

As a means of transportation with a long history, bicycles are no longer just representing simple modes of transportation. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and the increasing pursuit of personalization, as well as the enhancement of environmental awareness, electric bicycles have rapidly emerged as a perfect combination of showcasing individuality and riding pleasure. The electric bicycle market is showing unprecedented prosperity.

As a company specializing in cycling solutions, YOSE POWER has recently launched a new version of mountain electric bicycle. This e-mtb will also provide an affordable choice for consumers seeking a comfortable riding experience.

Design & Personality

The exterior design of the YOSE POWER new 27.5-inch mountain electric bike is full of dynamism and personality. It adopts a streamlined body design, giving the whole bike a fashionable and sporty image.

The green color on the bike body gives people a fresh and energetic feeling in terms of visual effect. Green is often seen as a vibrant, lively, and natural color, and for mountain biking, it is also closer to the outdoor atmosphere. Not only is it in line with the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development, but the presence of green also makes the e-mtb more eye-catching. It can become a personalized symbol for you while cycling, making it more unique compared to other mountain electric bicycles.

Apart from that, compared to a 29 inch wheel size, a 27.5-inch wheel size usually means lighter wheels and hubs, so the entire bike may be lighter. A 27.5-inch wheel size is usually suitable for riders of all heights, making this size of bicycle a universal choice.

What’s more, compared to larger wheel size, it is easier to turn, providing riders with better handling and flexibility. Although the 27.5-inch wheel size is relatively small, it still provides sufficient stability. It is beneficial for cyclists to maintain balance and stability in downhill and mountainous road conditions.

Core Power

This e-mtb is equipped with a 250W power system and a 36V13Ah battery, which can provide reliable power assistance. The maximum speed can reach 25km/h. The ideal cycling distance can reach 100 kilometers (depending on the cycling mode, road conditions, rider's weight and so on)

According to EU regulations, the maximum assisted speed limit for electric bicycles is 25km/h. This speed is to ensure the safe riding of e-bikes on the road and coordination with other modes of transportation. It can make the use of electric bicycles more sustainable and meet the needs of urban transportation. From this perspective, YOSE POWER's e-mtb is compliant with regulations.

This 36V13Ah battery has sleep function. The sleep function is designed to extend the lifespan of the battery and protect it from the effects of excessive discharge. When the battery is not used for a long time, the sleep function can reduce the natural discharge rate of the battery, thereby slowing down energy loss and maintaining charge.

At the same time, this battery is removable. This design allows users to easily remove the battery for charging, without having to move the entire bicycle near the charging socket. Besides, it provides more flexibility, allowing users to choose to remove the battery while parking in order to reduce the risk of theft, especially in public parking areas. It also facilitates users to replace backup batteries in areas without charging devices. Removable battery makes replacement easier without the need for professional repair tools or skills.

Intelligent Operation

YOSE POWER has taken into consideration the user experience, and this electric mountain bike is equipped with an intuitive LCD display screen that riders can have real-time access to cycling data such as speed, battery level, and mileage at any time. In addition, multiple levels of auxiliary power have been set up, allowing cyclists to flexibly switch based on personal needs and road conditions.

Users can press and hold the "-" button to activate the pedestrian mode at 6km/h and release to exit. 

Material & Weight

The frame, fork, handlebar, and seat post of this e-mtb are all made of aluminum. Compared to the previous version of the e-mtb, some accessories have been upgraded. For example, this new electric mountain bike now is equipped with rear light which runs on dry battery, providing good safety during nighttime riding.

This e-mtb has SHIMANO 7-Speed freewheel. SHIMANO is a well-known brand in the field of bicycle components. The 7-Speed configuration provides diverse gear ratios while maintaining relatively simple operability. For riders who wish to have multiple gear ratio options without increasing complexity, this is an appropriate choice.

This type of freewheel makes cycling smoother and also provides a reasonable range of speed changes, allowing riders to cope with different road conditions and terrains, making it suitable for daily cycling.

SL-M315 is a component produced by SHIMANO, commonly used as a shift lever for bicycles. SHIMANO's gear lever is typically designed to be sturdy, easy to operate, and made of lightweight materials. SL-M315 is a reliable gear lever applicable to entry-level and intermediate riders, providing simple and effective gear control.

RD-TY200 is a bicycle rear derailleur also produced by SHIMANO. This rear derailleur is usually compatible with SL-M315, so it often appears on entry-level bicycles. D-TY200 has durability and reliability. Its design aims to provide good variable speed performance. It is responsible for controlling the movement of the bicycle's chain between the rear wheel teeth to achieve different gear ratios, allowing riders to adjust their gears in a timely manner based on changes in terrain and speed.

This e-mtb can support a maximum weight of 125kg(including the e-mtb, rider and baggage). This design can meet the needs of most adults, while also requiring users to be within the load-bearing range to ensure safety. If the maximum load-bearing capacity is exceeded, it may have an impact on the e-bike structure and stability, so it is still important to pay attention to this limitation when using it.

The YOSE POWER new 27.5-inch mountain electric bike can become a reliable companion on your cycling journeys. It can meet your pursuit of environmental protection, health, high cost-effectiveness, and comfortable cycling. Choose YOSE POWER to make cycling a bridge between you and nature. Click on the YOSE POWER official online website now : and experience the surprise brought by this e-mtb for you!


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