Is there a bike in the corner of your storage unit that's collecting dust instead of racking up the miles? You must still be agonizing over the next time you'll get on it, but always choose to drive when you're on the go! Or maybe you're already thinking about putting it up for sale on Facebook someday. Let me guess why you don't want to ride a bike anymore: it takes a lot of time to get to places that are a little farther away; you often sweat a lot after riding; you need to exert a lot of effort when riding uphill, and you even have to get up from the seat. Although you want to exercise, protect the environment, and reduce the cost of gasoline, you can't ignore the trouble it causes you. In fact, you can use electric bike conversion kits to convert your bike into an electric bike, and the following are 7 reasons why you will be more excited to convert your own electric bike soon.


What is electric bike conversion kit

An electric bike conversion kit is great way to electrify your journeys by simply converting your normal bicycle into an electric one. This is done by installing electric motor and lithium-ion battery onto a conventional bicycle frame which allows the electric motor to power and support people while peddling.

A power-assist electric bike kit will not transform your current ride into a motorcycle, moped, or any other mode of transportation that does not require human power to move. That would be counterproductive to the purpose of owning and riding a bicycle. Rather, electric bikes and bicycles outfitted with an electric bike conversion kit boost your pedaling power.

The conversion kit mainly consists of an electric bike motor with different Watt power(the higher the Watt the faster the speed) that is installed onto the rear or front wheel. Take YOSEPOWER for example, the main motors available for sale are 250W and 350W. Its power is controlled by a throttle or thumb throttle mounted on the handlebars that sends a signal to the controller that controls the motor. Another important component is the lithium battery. The distance an electric bike can travel on a single charge depends largely on its battery capacity. It can also include an LCD display attached to the battery strip to show the remaining battery charge as well as the current speed, total mileage, booster gears, etc.

Now that you know how electric bike conversion kits work when applied to bikes, let's take a look at 7 reasons why you might want to convert your bike to an electric bike.


7 reasons to convert an electric bike

  1. Keep using your favorite bike

What if you are worried that the seat, handlebars, frame color, etc. of your new bike do not meet your aesthetic or usage requirements? Converting an ordinary bicycle into an electric bike can completely eliminate this concern because you can keep almost 100% of the parts of your beloved bicycle and just add some electric bike kits on top of it to get a DIY electric bike that is unique and your own.


  1. Conversion kits are usually cheaper than an electric bike

Many people who don't have a bike will choose to just go ahead and buy an electric bike, which is of course a great option because they save the installation step. If you have enough budget, you can also choose to buy a high quality electric bike. But in the current market, the price of a whole electric bike is generally higher than its kits. Therefore, most people with limited budgets include electric bike kits as their priority item. In fact, they just spend less money, have exactly the same experience as those who buy the whole bike, and can also spend the money they save on what they need more, so why not do it?


  1. Modify the bike is easier than you think

Many beginners may be dissuaded by the word DIY and subconsciously think it's a technical thing to do. But contrary to what you might think, you don't need an engineering degree to install an electric bike conversion kit on your existing bike.


Each electric bike kit sold by YOSEPOWER contains a total of 9 accessories, each product will have a detailed description of the introduction. We have also uploaded tutorials for modifying bikes on YouTube Channel, and there are also many feedback videos from our customers. You don't need to worry about the installation at all, the hand-on instruction can let you finish the modification in about 10 minutes. In addition, these kits can be installed on mountain bikes, tandem bikes, tricycles, etc. Almost any kind of bike can be converted into an electric bike.


  1. Increase your frequency of bike use

According to a recent report by the Transportation Research Laboratory, the average bike comes out of the shed less than 25 times a year, and 46% of those bikes are used only once or twice a week. By comparison, 30% of electric bike users use their bikes once a day, and a whopping 81% ride at least once a week. This means that electric bike users are twice as likely to get out and ride their bikes than the average rider.


  1. Electric bike makes you less sweaty and fatigued

One of the reasons most of us don't commute by bike is that sometimes the hard work involved in pedaling often leaves us sweaty and tired. Arriving at the office or at an appointment drenched in sweat is definitely not what we want to experience on our way to an appointment or to work. Replacing the bike commute with an electric bike would be a much more comfortable experience, thus eliminating these concerns.


In fact, a UK study equipped 80 employees with electric bikes for commuting to work for nearly 2 months to determine if electric bikes would have any impact on their commuting habits. By the end of the trial, more than 2/3 of the participants said they would like to own an electric bike. Nearly 40% said they expected to ride their bikes more in the future because of the enjoyment they felt from riding an electric bike.


  1. Electric bike can improve your health

The effort required to keep yourself moving may be less than on a non-assisted bike, but you’ll still be turning the pedals and putting in a significant amount of the energy required to move yourself along. You may even travel longer distances on an electric bike, which means you will pedal more than usual. Both types of cycling can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, strengthen your bones and improve your overall health. Cycling is a type of aerobic exercise that has little impact on your joints. Considering that electric bikes motivate most people to ride more often, regular use of an electric bike can definitely improve a person's health.


  1. Electric bike can help save on gasoline costs

Electric bikes are an excellent way to save money on gasoline. They not only save you money on gas, but they also allow you to travel farther and faster than you would on a traditional bike. This means you'll be able to accomplish more in less time.


For short-to-medium-distance trips, an electric bike is more efficient and less expensive than driving. You do not need to tax an electric bike to ride it, and while electric bike insurance is a good idea, it will be much cheaper than car insurance. The cost per mile is also negligible in comparison to a car, and for short trips in cities, an electric bike is frequently faster. It's also non-polluting, which is better for the environment.


Now that you know the 7 reasons to convert your bike to an electric bike with electric bike conversion kits, be sure to check out the other posts on our site for more information about electric bikes


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