E-Bike Conversion Kit 36V 250W 26"/27.5"/28"(700C) Rear Motor Kit for Cassette with 36V13Ah Battery and Charger

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Size: 26"
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1.Additional Information
*The warranty of motor and battery is 18 months. Other parts in kit have warranty of 12 months.
*The shipping takes 2-4 working days in Germany. In other countries the shipping takes 4-8 working days.
*The max speed of motor is 25km/h. The limit can't be canceled.
The max speed of throttle is only 6km/h. The limit can't be canceled.

*The pedal sensor in kit doesn't fit for Hollowtech II and Octalink.  You will need this pedal sensor: https://yosepower.com/products/hollowtech-ii-sensor

*The brake levers in kit are not suitable for hydraulic brake. You will need these brake sensors: https://yosepower.com/products/hydraulic-brake-sensor

Q1: Why the torque of 250W motor is bigger than torque of 350W motor?
This 250W rear motor kit has a better sine wave controller, which can increase torque.

Q2: Can I set max speed and voltage on display?
No. The max speed is defaulted to 25km/h. The voltage is defaulted to 36V. These settings are no need to changed. And the limit can't be canceled.

Q3: Can I change controller or display to increase max speed?

No. Other controllers or displays are not compatible with this kind of 250W rear motor kit.

Q4: Why I don't receive a controller? It is missing in parcel.
The kit has an integrated controller which is installed in battery holder already.

3.Copyright Statement
All the contents including words, pictures, and videos are originally made by YOSE POWER.

It is not allowed to plagiarize without permission or we keep the right to pursue legal responsibility.

4.Important notice for recycling of used batteries& motor kits

*As a professional seller, we strictly abide by local laws and regulations to ensure product quality, transportation, and storage safety, environmental protection.  

*According to electronic consumer goods recycling regulations, batteries and motor kits must not be disposed of with household ordinary waste.
*Consumers are obliged to dispose of the used electronic goods to the professional recycling agency in local for proper disposal. They must not be arbitrarily thrown into the trash. Please protect the environment!

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews

Très bon kit, facile à installer, bonne autonomie et performance suffisantes.merci à Arnaud (fatbiker) sur youtube.

Très bon produit

Le kit est relativement facile à poser grâce à la notice fournie. Malgré tout, il faut démonter les différents éléments de son vélo pour être sur de ne pas se tromper entre les différentes variantes. Pour ma part, j'ai du changer mes poignées de sélection de vitesse (elles étaient couplées aux freins), ainsi que mon axe de dérailleur avant (il aurait fallu commander une autre pièce). Malgré tout la différence de prix entre un vélo déjà équipé et le kit est tellement importante que ça vaut le coup.
L'utilisation de l'assistance est très simple à comprendre et à prendre en main.
Je recommande l'achat de ce kit

Stefano Mazzoleni
E-Bike Conversion Kit 36V 250W

It’s all ok, but I have some options to you:
1-In Italy we can’t use accelerator and very often gear and brakes lever are integrate, so i suggest you, as option, a simple, shorter cable only for display;
2- I buy on Amazon a little fixed key 18 mm fuor the recar wheel nuts,, it schould be a gift or optional on your catalog;
3- An USB socket on display or battery schould be a very useful improvment.

Jouni Savolainen
nice kit, but not suitable for 8s or 9s

it is promised this is compatible for 9s gear casette, but it is not. 9s casette with integrated freewheel is not even exist anymore. Nor there's no bikes exist you could just take gear to this wheel

Vincent Lachambre
Le plaisir du VTT retrouvé

Le kit est relativement simple à monter.
Quelques améliorations identifiées : raccourcir longueur des câbles, fournir plus d'attaches de câbles et des plus solides, la notice est claire mais manque peut être de quelques détails.
Niveau utilisation, rien à dire pour l'instant ! Au top :)

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