E-Bike Conversion Kit 36V 250W 26"/ 28"(700C) Front Motor Kit Bicycle E-Bike Hub Motor

Yose PowerSKU: 2120100058G

Ship from: Germany
Size: 26" Black
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1.Additional Information
*The warranty of motor is 18 months. Other parts in kit have warranty of 12 months.
*The shipping takes 2-4 working days in Germany. In other countries the shipping takes 4-8 working days.
*The max speed of motor is 25km/h. It can be set on display, but the speed limit can't be canceled.
*The pedal sensor in kit doesn't fit for Hollowtech II and Octalink.  You will need this pedal sensor: https://yosepower.com/products/hollowtech-ii-sensor

*The brake levers in kit are not suitable for hydraulic brake. You will need these brake sensors: https://yosepower.com/products/hydraulic-brake-sensor

2.Important notice for recycling of used batteries& motor kits

*As a professional seller, we strictly abide by local laws and regulations to ensure product's quality, transportation and storage safety, environmental protection.           
*According to electronic consumer goods recycling regulations, batteries and motor kits  must not be disposed of with household ordinary waste.
*Consumers are obliged to dispose of the used electronic goods to the professional recycling agency in local for proper disposal. They must not be arbitrarily throw into the trash. Please protect the environment!

3.Copyright statement

*All the contents including words, pictures and videos are original made by YOSE POWER.
*It is not allowed to plagiarize without permission or we keep the right to pursue legal responsibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Waldemar Wiera
Zuverlessiger Lieferant

Ich hatte aus versehen eine falsche Ware Bestellt. Nach kontaktieren des Verkäufers konnte ich die Ware zurückschicken, das Geld wurde zurückerstattet und ich habe danach die richtige Ware bestellt. Klare Weiterempfehlung.

Günther Hilpert
kit highly recommended

assembling the wheel was a bit difficult, as the fork opening had to be milled from 9 to 10 mm.
Kit works fine. Electric riding is a big fun!

Christian O
Gutes Kit aber einige Kniffe nötig

Umrüstung des Mountainbike lässt sich gut machen, aber es brauchte etwas Anpassarbeiten:
An der Gabel musste die Aufnahme etwas aufgefeilt werden, damit die Achse reinpasst.
Der zusätzlich bestellte PAS-Sensor für Hollowtech II Tretlager kommt als zwei Halbringe, die besser vor Montage zu einem Ring verklebt werden, damit auch beim Anschrauben am Kettenblatt die Enden nicht hochbiegen.
Die Gegenmagnete der zusätzlich bestellten Magnetschalter für hydraulische Handbremsen sind keine Zier und mussten aufgeklebt werden - bin gespannt wie lange das hält.
Aber letztlich super Aufwertung des Rads und spaßiges Fahrgefühl!!

Joachim Glatzl
Very good quality and nice conectors!

I have two frontwheels kits attached to my bicykle cart and it works very well with heavy loads it really helps uphill! Would very much like to have a y cable conection in order to have only one controllbox, thumbtrottle and one display!
But since these are not made for use in pairs I do understand that there are no such solutions.
But overall this kit looks, feels and works good👍

OK but...

ok but two points could be better:
The main cable was 20cm too short for a 28" wheel. I don't think the 20cm is important in production. It also bothers me that the motor cable is in one piece. If you have to remove the front wheel for service purposes, then you have to too The whole cable has to be removed. It is better to make an adapter plug 15 cm after the engine so that the front wheel can be removed alone. Otherwise I am satisfied with the set and will continue to install it.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. We will improve the products always.

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