In the pursuit of commuting efficiency and environmental protection in daily life, electric bikes have gradually become one of the most frequently used modes of transportation for many people. Riding an electric bike is a healthy way of exercising, but sometimes it can lead to wrist pain.

It is a common problem that occurs among cyclists, but wrist pain may affect cycling experience. If you have also encountered this situation while cycling, how about taking a look at the following methods and suggestions to alleviate wrist pain?

  1. Adjustthe Position of the Handlebar

Adjust the angle and height of the handle so that the wrist is in a natural and comfortable position, rather than being too bent or stretched. If your handlebar is not in the right position, your wrist will experience excessive pressure, leading to pain. You may need to experiment with several different settings to find the most suitable posture for you.

  1. Adjust Sitting Posture

Poor cycling posture can cause muscle tension in the shoulders and wrists. Ensure that your sitting posture is comfortable and natural, with a straight back and relaxed shoulders, avoiding leaning too forward or too backward.

  1. Use Suitable Gloves

When cycling, especially on uneven roads, the wrist is constantly affected by vibrations, which may lead to fatigue and pain after prolonged cycling.

Choosing gloves suitable for cycling can provide additional support and shock absorption, reducing wrist stress. The cycling gloves with palm pads and support can effectively reduce the pressure on the wrist. Wearing gloves can reduce the risk of hand injury, especially in the event of a bike fall, which can reduce friction and wear.

Gloves with sweat absorption function can help keep hands dry, reduce discomfort caused by moisture on the skin, and help prevent skin wear or other discomfort problems that may occur during long-term cycling. A dry hand can provide better grip stability, prevent the hand from losing grip due to slippery conditions, and thus increase the sense of control.

Therefore, the sweat absorbing design of cycling gloves is not only to improve comfort, but also to enhance safety and the overall quality of the cycling experience.

  1. Regular Rest and Stretch

Regular rest and wrist stretching after prolonged cycling can effectively alleviate muscle tension. Stop at regular intervals and engage in some hand and wrist stretching exercises to relax muscles and joints. If possible, divide the cycling time into several short periods to reduce the sustained burden on the wrist.

Warming up and stretching before cycling can help prepare the wrist and arm muscles. Short hand massages or hot compresses after cycling can help alleviate pain.

  1. Appropriately Exercise Wrist

Insufficient muscle strength and flexibility in the wrist and forearm may lead to wrist pain. If these muscles are not properly exercised and prepared, they are more susceptible to injury and tension.

Exercising the wrists and forearms can enhance the strength and flexibility of related muscles. For example, wrist rotation, grip exercises, and forearm extension can help alleviate wrist pain.

  1. Pay Attention to Strength and Speed

During cycling, try to avoid excessive force or sudden acceleration and braking, as these actions can easily increase the burden and pressure on the wrist. Maintaining a stable cycling rhythm can help reduce the occurrence of wrist pain. For example, when riding on bumpy roads, decreasing the speed can reduce wrist vibration and impact force.

  1. Seek Medical Advice

If wrist pain persists or intensifies and affects cycling and daily life, it is recommended to seek medical professional assistance. Everyone has different personal physical conditions. Some people suffer from conditions such as arthritis and tenosynovitis, which can also increase the likelihood of wrist pain while cycling. If the wrist has been injured before, riding may worsen the pain.

Hand examination and evaluation are necessary to determine if there are serious issues or if specific treatment methods are needed. They can identify possible causes of persistent or severe wrist pain, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Through the above methods, hope to help you reduce wrist pain while cycling, allowing you to enjoy the fun and convenience of e-bike more comfortably. Maintaining good cycling habits and paying attention to hand health are key to preventing wrist pain.

Riding an electric bicycle is a healthy way of exercising. The city e-bike from YOSE POWER is equipped with a 250W rear motor and a 36V 13Ah battery. The max speed is 25 km/h. This configuration is usually suitable for urban cycling and daily commuting, providing good power and endurance. A maximum speed of 25km/h is in compliance with the regulations for electric bicycles in most countries and regions. This speed is sufficient to meet the needs of urban cycling while ensuring safety and legality.

The handler grip of this city e-bike is wrapped in a layer of leather. It provides a certain level of comfort and a good grip. Leather handle grip is usually softer than the handle grip made of hard materials, which helps reduce hand discomfort, the impact of friction and vibration on the hands, especially during prolonged cycling. In addition, the leather handle grip performs well in terms of aesthetics. It also enhance the overall appearance of the electric bicycle.

YOSE POWER has equipped this city e-bike with a lockable front fork from the brand SR. This feature allows riders to enjoy more riding options. When cycling on flat roads, you can lock the suspension system for easier riding. Conversely, when navigating non-urban terrain, you can unlock the suspension system to reduce the impact of vibrations on the wrist for a more comfortable ride.

This city e-bike features mainstream electrical and safety configurations while maintaining an affordable price of only 969 euros. You can also get a €10 off by using a coupon code: yua10 when you decide to place an order through the link. Check it out for more details and start e-biking with this city e-bike. It is one of the most cost-effective electric bicycles in 2024, so do not miss it!


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