Brake Sensor Instead of Brake Levers in YOSE POWER Kits

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1. Technical Data
Fit for: All Kind of Bike, Especially for Bike with Hyraulic Brake 
Cable Length (with Sensor & Plug): 380 mm
Lead Mode: Three-Wire
Weight: 0.025 kg
Installaion Manual: PDF link

2. Packing List

2 x Brake Sensors
2 x Magnets

3. Warm Tips

* Shipping from China takes 20 - 30 working days.
* For the front and rear brakes. 
* Very simple to install, very easy to use.
* Will allow you to cut off the electric system on your electric vehicle.
* Brake sensors for either hydraulic brakes (compatible with YOSE POWER kits) where you would like to keep your existing brake levers.
* The Magnets are fixed on the moving brake levers and the sensors are located on the stationary brake mount appropriately.

4. Copyright Statement
All the contents including words, pictures, and videos are originally made by YOSE POWER.
It is not allowed to plagiarize without permission or we keep the right to pursue legal responsibility.

Customer Reviews

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Jaakko Korkeala
Notice this!

You can use these with your existing brake levers. If you have hydraulic or mechanic ones. I have mechanic disc brakes but I didn’t want to change them, because I had the brake light switch connectors with them. So I attached these Yose brake sensors to my original levers and it was really easy. Please do not leave your e-assisted bike without these. Easy to to put on your hydraulic brake levers. JK

Henry Sikanen
Brake sensors

I have old bike that has a great Alivio-series shifters and brakelevers intregraded in one unit. The brakehandles are aluminum so the magnets don't work on it. The gluetapes on the sensors are poor quality: almost impossible to install!

I tried to epoxyglue them on place but in no success. They just drop off.

Note: if the magnet drops off or is too far away from the sensor the cpu thinks that the brake is on -> causing the assistmotor to stop working -> no help from there if you are far away from home and tired.

Solution: un-plug the cords from brakes and the assist is back online.

Last but most important: you really don't need these! The same second you stop pedaling the assist will go off. It's no danger at all if you don't install these.

serge le breton

correspond à mes attentes,facile à installer avec des adhésifs puissants fournis,fonctionnent très bien

Michael Allen
Brake sensors.

Easy to fit work very well.

catherine raffo
Manque aimants

Malheureusement il manque les 2 aimants dans le colis je ne peux donc pas monter les câbles de frein

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