E-Bike Conversion Kit 36V 350W Rear Motor Kit for Freewheel with 36V 13Ah Battery and Charger

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Size: 26"
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1. Additional Information
* The warranty of motor and battery is 18 months. Other parts in kit have warranty of 12 months.
* The shipping takes 2-4 working days in Germany. In other countries, the shipping takes 4-8 working days.
* The max speed is 30-32 km/h. It can be limited to 25 km/h.
* The pedal sensor in kit doesn't fit for Hollowtech II and Octalink. You will need this pedal sensor: https://yosepower.com/products/hollowtech-ii-sensor

* The brake levers in kit are not suitable for hydraulic brake. You will need these brake sensors: https://yosepower.com/products/hydraulic-brake-sensor

2. Q & A

Q1: Why I don't receive a controller? It is missing in parcel.
The kit has an integrated controller which is installed in battery holder already.

3. Copyright Statement
All the contents including words, pictures, and videos are originally made by YOSE POWER.

It is not allowed to plagiarize without permission or we keep the right to pursue legal responsibility.

4. Important Notice for Recycling of Used Batteries & Motor Kits

* As a professional seller, we strictly abide by local laws and regulations to ensure product quality, transportation, and storage safety, environmental protection.  

* According to electronic consumer goods recycling regulations, batteries and motor kits must not be disposed of with household ordinary waste.
* Consumers are obliged to dispose of the used electronic goods to the professional recycling agency in local for proper disposal. They must not be arbitrarily thrown into the trash. Please protect the environment!

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Eugen Belger

Всё Отлично 👍 👍 👍

Jean jacques Leconte

Très bon rapport qualité prix
Outils de demontage fournis 😀

Michael Baumann
Good power, easy installation, good cost to performance ratio

Overall quality is good, power is sufficient for all but the steepest hills, the top speed is around 35 on flat tarmach.
The distance you can travel with only accelerating via the thumb gas is around 45km and driving at high speed and fully accelerating. By paddeling you should be able to at least double if not tripple the range with moderate use.

The paddle assist is neat, but it always accelerates to the pre defined speeds, adjusting those is not possible (as far as i know), which is not that great when you want to drive along with your friends that have a bought e-bike and can adjust the speed seemlessly by with paddeling.
That said, i could buy 4 normal bikes, equip them with this kit, and still have money left over until id pay off one of those e-bikes :D

What is negative is that you cant adjust the speeds in the menu, which you apparently could on the older models. And that you cant change the max speed that the thumb gas makes. The thumb gas doesnt seem to care a lot about the max speed setting you can adjust too, it just accelerates a bit slower but continues over the set speed-limit in the menu.
And those cables are a bit too short, especially if you have to mount the battery upside-down, which is no problem, but the wires, especially the one to the motor, could be too short.

Mark Rößler
Good but...

Good Motor kit but 13Ah only Last for 25km. My Last Bike got a bafang kit with 17Ah and Frontmotor wich gave me 120km with almost the Same settings... I also missed the part wich allow me to Install the batterypack correctly. I ordered it and it is sent from China, why is it Not part of the kit???

jean philippe girardeau
super kit

très bon produit a voir dans le temps vu le prix !j en suis a mon deuxième kit
bien a vous .

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