E-Bike Conversion Kit 36V 350W 26"/27.5"/ 28"(700C) Rear Motor Kit for Cassette

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Hub Motor 36V350W 26"/27.5"/ 28" Rear Motor Bicycle E-Bike Hub Conversion Kit for Cassette Black DIY E-bike LCD Display

1.Technical Data and Packing list
Rear motor with 26"/27.5"/28"(700C) wheel for Cassette x 1:

36V 350W , installation width: 138mm, diameter: 134mm
Gearshift: fit for Cassette(8S/9S/10S)
12G spokes with double wall wheel
Max speed(by throttle): 30-32km/h
Max torque: 48N.m
Motor color: silver/black
Motor cable: 70cm
Controller(Lishui Brand) x 1:
Low voltage protection: 30V
Rated current: 9A
Max current: 18A
Size: L*W*H=95x50x28mm
Waterproof connectors: motor, battery, PAS sensor, 4 into 1 cable
LCD Display(DASHI C500) x 1:
3.5" LCD screen display with backlight
Cable: 31.5cm
5 assist levels, and 6km/h traction with holding down button
PAS Sensor(Left installation) x 1:
Cable: 52cm,Dual Hall Sensor, 12 signals output
Brake Levers(Wuxing Brand) x 2:
Cable: 30cm
Thumb Throttle(Wuxing Brand) x 1:
Cable: 30cm
4 into 1 Cable x 1:
Cable: 150cm
Battery Cable x 1:
To connect battery and motor
Free Gift x 1:
Controller Bag and Conversion Tools

2. Warm tips
*The conversion kits in German warehouse are not shipped to UK. And the all products in UK warehouse are not shipped to EU.
*The original pedal sensor in kit isn't fit for Hollowtech II and Octalink. The brake levers are not fit for bike with hydraulic brake.
If your bike has these parts, you can buy these sensors to fit our conversion kit.
*Please read the installation instructions carefully before you start, this instruction will help you to install the product effectively.
*36V battery(Li, lead-acid, NiMH battery etc.) is compatible with this motor.
*IMPORTANT NOTE:Please set the maximum driving speed of the e-bike according to the local traffic laws to prevent the safety risks caused by excessive speed!
*If you have any question, please contact us.

3. Important notice for recycling of used batteries& motor kits
*As a professional seller, we strictly abide by local laws and regulations to ensure product's quality, transportation and storage safety, environmental protection.           
*According to electronic consumer goods recycling regulations, batteries and motor kits  must not be disposed of with household ordinary waste.
*Consumers are obliged to dispose of the used electronic goods to the professional recycling agency in local for proper disposal. They must not be arbitrarily throw into the trash. Please protect the environment!

4. Copyright Statement
*All the contents including words, pictures and videos are original made by YOSE POWER.
*It is not allowed to plagiarize without permission or we keep the right to pursue legal responsibility.

Customer Reviews

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Worth it / Would Buy Again

I live in a very hilly area, and the first test run showed that this conversion kit will really help, even just on pedal-assist level 2 (honestly haven't had the courage to go higher, but I'm sure the higher levels would really take any effort at all away). I would definitely buy it again. It had everything I needed except a couple things that were strange about my bike (see notes below). I have never worked on my bike before other than to pump up tires and attach a bell, so the fact that I was able to put it together in about 6-8 hours total (rough estimate because it was spread over a couple days to accommodate deliveries of things I didn't realize I needed) after encountering some strange things about my bike, I would say probably anyone can put it together (unless you're just absolutely not mechanically inclined and very fearful of making mistakes -- two things I am not. I do have a little bit of handy around the house experience and am willing to experiment on things to see if it works.).

A couple notes, though:
1) I hadn't ever taken my pedal off, so I didn't realize that I had a different kind of hex bolt, so the included tools weren't enough and I had to borrow some from neighbors. Definitely check your stuff to make sure you have all your tools because it will be a much smoother process.

2) I bought the over the bike-rack battery, so there were a couple extra steps in terms of wiring and bolting it to the bike. Unfortunately, my bike had an integrated over the back-wheel rack, so it didn't have the bolt areas on the posts underneath the seat that are normally there (at least according to videos I watched), so I had to buy some extra ring clams to attach it properly, but I didn't realize this until after it was delivered. Again, check your bike thoroughly so you have everything you can know ahead of time so it will go more smoothly.

3) There were no instructions for the over-the-wheel rack battery installation, so I did have to do a little guess work and contacting the customer service. Unfortunately, it seems they don't have all the manuals for that version, so they show you how to assemble the rack, but not what wires should be available and what they should be plugged into. This last part was a bit confusing for me because the black wire was shoved inside the battery thing so that it seemed like it didn't exist. I had to get tweezers to pull it out when I realized it should be there and looked in the hole thoroughly. It would have just been nice to have a manual that was really clear about this stuff so I wasn't guessing if I had all the right wires and was putting them in the correct things.

4) I recommend having some sort of electrical tape or something to help you bind off any cords you don't use.

5) If you get the over the wheel bike rack, you will need a few more screws than they included to attach it completely to your bike. I cannibalized the ones from my old rack, which made it work, but if you don't have an old rack to take a few bolts and nuts from, then you might want a few on hand of varying sizes (because I don't know what size they were).

Thank you so much for your feedback and these details. We will improve our description and manuals. By the way, we put one discharging cable in controller box of battery. It is to prevent a short circuit caused by the contact of the two discharge cables during transportation.


Perfect for simple eBike

25km et d+1100m, et il reste de la batterie !

Merci de l'envoie puis d'un conseil via le service client très réactif !
Kit assez simple à monter, ne pas oublier de régler freins, disque et dérailleur. Aucune expérience en vélo, mais avec 2-3 tutos sur youtube j'ai pu y arriver.
Quand dans une pente trop forte (sentiers pyrénéens !) j'ai du pousser le vélo, l'accélérateur à pouce m'était difficile à maintenir appuyé juste assez pour une petite vitesse mais pas trop pour que ça ne patine ou saute pas. Un réglage possible ? Je pensais au § 4.2.5 du manuel ...?
Donc très très content pour cette première sortie, en espérant prendre bien soin du matériel et qu'il durera longtemps !

Jordan Lefrancois

Express delivery, quite easy to assemble and works perfectly.


Marche très bien...par contre un display avec 7 ou 9 réglages de puissances serait mieux..

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