Big Sale Second-Hand 36V 250W/350W Motor Kit E-Bike Conversion kit with/without Battery Limited Quantity

Yose PowerSKU: 2120100023G-E

Installation position: Front motor without battery
Wheel size: 20"
Color: Silver
In stock


Important Information
1. These motor kits are second-hand conversion kits. They were returned back because of "bought a wrong size", "not suitable with my bike", "don't need anymore" or "scratched". So if you can't accept a second-hand product, please don't order it. Or please see below information.
2. An return will not be acceptable after these products are sold.
3. The warranty is 3 months. If the motor doesn't work, you can contact us in 3 months, we will handle it for you.
4. These conversion kits are sent in EU from Germany. They can't be shipped to UK because of Brexit.

5. The front motor kits are 36V 250W. The rear motor kits are 36V 350W.
6. The batteries in complete coversion kits are 12.5Ah or 13Ah. They are sent randomly.  Not every conversion kit includes a battery.
7. The installation width of front motor is 100mm.
8. The installation width of rear freewheel motor is 138-140mm.
9. The installation width of rear cassette motor is 138-144mm.
10. The accessories in the pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual goods you received.

11. These motor kits come with controller, display, pedal sensor, throttle, brake levers, all cables and tools.
12. Pedal Sensors are sent randomly. The following are the sensors that you may receive. Please make sure that they are compatible with your bike.
13. Displays are sent randomly also. The following are the displays that you may receive. And compatible controllers come with these displays.

14. We organize returned products from time to time. The products you need may be on sale at any time.
15. If you have some questions still, you can contact us by sending email to

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andreas rönn
Second hand

Many thanks.

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