E-bike conversion kit is a kind of rapidly popular product that can enhance the performance and functionality of existing bicycles. They have emerged in the market demand, providing cyclists with flexible choices, allowing them to upgrade their bicycles according to personal needs and preferences.

Yose Power is also a member of this e-bike market. The e-bike conversion kits produced by Yose Power continues to receive recognition and praise from consumers at the beginning of 2024.

In the following content of this article, we will take Yose Power 36V250W rear motor kit (for cassette with 36V13Ah Battery) as an example to gain a deeper understanding of some content related to this kit.

Most countries have regulations for electric bicycles that stipulate a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. This speed limit is to ensure the safety of cyclists and other road users, and to help maintain road traffic order. This 36V 250W e-bike conversion kit from Yose Power is in conformance with the laws and regulations. Its max speed is 25km/h as well.

This rear motor kit uses sine wave controller. Sine wave controller is a device used to control electric bike motors. It can adjust the output of the motor more precisely, allowing the motor to generate torque in a higher efficiency and smoother way. The motor of an electric bike generates torque during operation, which is the power provided by the motor.

The traditional square wave controller generates sharp current pulses when providing current to the motor, which may cause vibration and noise during motor operation, and is not conducive to the efficiency of motor operation.

Compared to traditional square wave controllers, sine wave controllers can improve the efficiency and performance of the system. Therefore, the sine wave controller achieves a smoother power output, improving riding comfort and efficiency.

A sine wave controller can make the response of the motor smoother. The output signal of the motor is closer to a sinusoidal waveform, which matches the rotation speed of the motor better, thereby reducing mechanical vibration and noise of the motor during current switching, and improving the efficiency of the motor. 

The no-load noise of this motor from Yose Power kit is less than 60 decibels. Therefore, it does not generate excessive noise during use, and can also provide a better riding experience and reduce environmental interference.

The sine wave controller also can more effectively reduce the energy loss of the motor during the adjustment of rotation speed, which allows the motor to more effectively convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and increase torque output.

The torque of this 250W kit is bigger than 350W kit. Because this 250W rear motor kit has a better sine wave controller, which can increase torque. The maximum torque of the motor can reach 58 N.m. It can provide you with sufficient power and make cycling easier. This torque level can usually meet most cycling needs, especially during urban cycling or commuting, providing satisfactory power output.

It also has advantages for dealing with slopes or situations that require quick start, making electric bicycles more suitable for handling diverse road and cycling needs.

The LCD screen can display cycling related information, such as speed, battery level, assistance mode, etc. PMMA is an abbreviation for polymethyl methacrylate, which is a common transparent plastic material with good transparency, light resistance, and chemical resistance. LCD screens typically use PMMA or similar materials as protective covers to provide protection and transparency.

Yose Power uses 2-layer PMMA material on LCD display screens, which can provide clear display effects and has a certain degree of durability. It can withstand a certain degree of impact and pressure, making it suitable for outdoor use. PMMA can also resist certain levels of ultraviolet radiation, reduce aging during outdoor use, and extend the lifespan of LCD screens.

It should be noted that the battery has integrated controller, which is installed in battery holder already. This design provides a more compact appearance. It can also simplify the installation process of electric bicycles, save space, and reduce the number of components on the bicycle.

At the same time, it can improve the interoperability between the battery pack and controller, increases the tight integration between the battery and controller, in order to better coordinate and optimize the operation of the electric power assist system. Besides, this integrated design helps simplify the maintenance and repair of electric bicycles, and may improve the efficiency and performance of the entire system.

Meanwhile, there is a thumb throttle in the kit. It allows riders to easily control electric power assistance with their thumbs, making it easy to operate. Its design conforms to ergonomics, allowing cyclists to easily adjust their speed during cycling without the need to release the grip or the way of holding the grip.

The thumb throttle can be installed on the handle to control the acceleration and deceleration of electric power assistance by pressing. It is not only easy to use, but also does not affect the rider's operation of other bicycle components. The max speed of throttle is 6km/h.


By understanding this kit, people can further understand its adaptability and performance. Cycling enthusiasts can better plan and implement e-bike conversion plans, converting their favorite bicycles into electric versions, and enjoy more fun and convenience.

If you are interested in this 250W kit or other kits, please check out at https://yosepower.com/?ref=wt0b1fn9 and remember to use coupon code: yua10 to get yours cheaper. By the way, the motor and battery are covered by an 18-month warranty, while the other parts in the kit have a 12-month warranty. The warranty can make people feel comfortable to buy and use. If there is any problem, please do not hesitate to contact with service@yosepower.com .

Overall, people need to pay attention to regulations and rules when making conversion. Ensure your electric bike still complies with local legal restrictions. During use, please abide by traffic rules, ride safely, and ensure the safety of yourself and others. Wishing you a better riding experience after completing the conversion!

E-bike conversion kit

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