It Is Ready for the Trunk of Your Car

The advantages of e-bike are obvious to people. The e-bikes meet our daily traffic needs. They are faster than ordinary bicycles, which also improves travel efficiency and allows people to reach their destination in less time. E-bikes are a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation than cars, and folding e-bikes are even more convenient since they can be taken indoors and charged easily. Moreover, riding an e-bike provides exercise and fresh air, which can improve overall physical and mental health.

Ordinary bicycles are driven by constantly stepping on the pedals, while e-bikes are powered by electricity, making it easier for people to ride. With the help of e-bikes, we are able to go further and enjoy more scenery. Just because of the series of advantages, we all have witnessed its popolarity in past few years. The demand for electric bicycles is growing rapidly.

Folding e-bike is one of the hot products. It has a smaller size than a regular bike and is more convenient to travel, so the folding e-bike also deeply favored and praised by consumers. If you are considering buying one, then the folding e-bike from YOSE POWER may be for you and the trunk of your car.

folding ebikefolding ebike


This folding e-bike comes in white and gray. The white one has bule brand name and the gray has the orange brand name. The combination of these colours creates the feeling of harmony.

The fork has hydraulic suspension. It can make cycling more stable and comfortable. The frame is made from aluminium 6061. The mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of aluminum 6061 are wonderful. The handlebar and sead post is also made from aluminium and they are adjustable. The pedals also can be folded. The BB parts are from NECO.

The brake levers have intergrated sensor. The sensor can sense the force and speed of pedalling, and transmit the monitored information such as speed, pedalling frequency, and torque to the controller.

The net weight is 22kg. The max load-bearing reaches to 125kg including bike, rider and baggage. This folding e-bike has the fender and rear rack. On rainy days or when riding on muddy roads, the fender can reduce mud splashing on the clothes.



The e-bike battery is 36V13Ah, 480Wh. It has intelligent BMS to protect the battery and guarantee the safety. The weight of the battery is 3.4kg. The rear drive motor is 36V250W. It perfectly meets the basic travel needs of residents.

ebike battery

What’s more, the e-bike battery is removeable. People can choose to directly charge it with the bike or remove it from the bike and charge the battery, especially if there is not enough room for the whole bike, then it is more convenient to remove it.


speed system


This folding e-bike has SHIMANO 7-speed and it is easy to switch from one to another. The controller sends instructions through calculation to control the operation of the motor. The controller on this folding e-bike can provide continuously 15A maximum with sine wave. The sine wave controller has less noise and it is more in line with the working principle of the motor.


The max mileage can reach to about 100km. It has better endurance and three power modes, which are off-eco, city-trek and power-max. The max speed is 25km/h. It is also fully compliant with EU regulations.

smart app

The LCD display will show the revelant information, such as speed, assist level, remaining battery power and so on. People can download the APP through bluetooth and then check the infomation on the phone. For example, calorie consumption, distance, time, etc. All cycling states are clear at a glance. The person who is riding this folding e-bike can keep track of the e-bike's riding status at all times. Therefore, people are able to adjust cycling according to these information.


The folding e-bike has a LED front light. When contected to the APP by bluetooth, people can turn it on or off by APP. The LED front light is 2W, 30Lux with reflect. It will help people to see the road and ensure people's cycling safety when there’s a lack of light or insufficiency of light. Riding safety is the most important thing.

fold ebike

The folding e-bike can be put in the boot of the car. Therefore, it is convenient to take it out. It can provide assistance to people in many scenarios. For example, when people don't need to drive the entire journey, they can use the folding e-bike to switch modes of transportation.

The folding e-bike can be used for leisurely rides, such as exploring parks or scenic routes. Apart from that, the folding e-bike can be stored in RVs, making them an excellent option for those who enjoy camping or road-tripping. Compared to the car, the folding e-bike is way too convenient and economical. And folding e-bikes can save you money on storage costs.

Riding the folding e-bike sometimes while driving out for fun is also very enjoyable. It can also be folded up and placed at home or in the trunk when there is no need to ride it. The steps to fold this folding e-bike are also very simple and can be done in just a few seconds. The ability to quickly fold and unfold the folding e-bike makes it convenient for short trips and errands. It saves space and reduces the likelihood of being stolen at the same time.

folding electric bicycle

If you are tired of dealing with traffic and parking woes and Looking for a quick and easy way to get around, the folding e-bike from YOSE POWER offers a convenient and eco-friendly alternative that will save you time and money. It is here for you.

This folding e-bike lets you enjoy the great outdoors while effortlessly cruising down the road on two wheels. Get yours here: and don’t forget to use coupon code: yua10 to get €10 Off. Choose YOSE POWER and lead a more comfortable life with this folding e-bike. YOSE POWER is willing to be your power in cycling all the time.


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