What Can a Legal E-Bike Conversion Kit Bring to You?

In modern society, there are various options for transportation. With the increasing awareness of urban traffic congestion and environmental protection, the e-bike conversion kit, as a fast, economical, and environmentally friendly transportation option, has received widespread attention.

The e-bike conversion kit, as a device that can transform ordinary bicycles into electric bicycles, has been highly favored by cycling enthusiasts in recent years. Through simple modifications, cyclists can enjoy the power of electric power assistance, improving cycling efficiency and fun.

Improve Cycling Efficiency

Improving traffic efficiency is a major advantage of e-bike conversion kits.

Firstly, the e-bike conversion kits can solve the problem of traffic congestion on the road. Unlike traditional cars, e-bike conversion kits provide a flexible transportation option that can easily shuttle through traffic and save time.

Secondly, the e-bike conversion kits can accelerate short distance travel speed. In cities, many destinations do not require a long drive, and e-bike conversion kits can help people quickly reach their destinations and improve travel efficiency.


This e-bike conversion kit which is from YOSE POWER can provide additional power for cyclists, making it easy to cope with uphill road sections, saving energy and time.

It can provide power through the electric motor, increasing the cycling speed to 25km/h, enabling riders to reach their destination faster and shortening cycling time. Besides, the max speed also complies with relevant EU regulations.


The voltage of the battery which is equipped with this e-bike conversion kit is 36V13Ah, which can provide relatively long electric assistance support, greatly improving the cycling range and allowing riders to explore farther routes.

For cyclists with insufficient physical fitness, this e-bike conversion kit can bridge the gap in physical fitness, allowing them to have longer cycling distances and enjoy more scenery and fun.

Improve the Comfort of Cycling


The electric power assist system of this e-bike conversion kit can reduce the resistance during the riding process, so that riders do not need to exert excessive force, reduce the cycling burden, and be more comfortable.

During prolonged cycling, the electric power assist system can provide moderate auxiliary force, making cycling easier and alleviating fatigue.

Healthy exercise

This e-bike conversion kit not only provides convenient transportation, but also brings healthy exercise effects. Cyclists can enjoy the convenience of cycling while also maintaining the fun of exercise. Especially for those who have been sitting for a long time, this e-bike conversion kit is a great way to exercise and help improve their physical condition.

This e-bike conversion kit also has the advantages of promoting health and reducing stress. It provides a healthy way of exercising, requiring people to pedal while cycling, which can exercise the body and provide a more comfortable travel experience for people.

Cost Savings


The cost of purchasing a brand new electric bike is relatively high, and using an e-bike conversion kit can convert a bicycle into an electric bicycle, which not only saves the cost of purchasing a car, but also plays the role of the original bicycle, achieving a two in one effect. Compared with traditional cars, the maintenance and energy costs of e-bike conversion kits are also lower, and users can save a lot of costs in long-term use.

What’s more, the cheapest type of this e-bike conversion kit just costs €439. As it shows, it does have an affordable price.

Convenient and Flexible


This e-bike conversion kit is easy to install. Users can install it on their own. In addition, the electric bicycle modification kit has a simple structure and is relatively easy to repair and replace components, making it convenient for users to carry out daily maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly and Low-Carbon

Traditional car exhaust emissions and high energy consumption have become serious environmental issues, while e-bike conversion kits can effectively reduce air pollution. The use of e-bike conversion kits by cyclists greatly reduces their dependence on fossil fuels and their burden on the environment. This e-bike conversion kit has the characteristics of clean and low-carbon, which can provide better quality for the urban environment.


In summary, the benefits and advantages of e-bike conversion kits cannot be underestimated. Through the conversion, ordinary bicycles have given off new vitality, making cycling a more efficient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Both those with poor physical fitness and cycling enthusiasts who hope to improve cycling efficiency can benefit greatly from the e-bike conversion kits.

By improving cycling efficiency, saving costs, reducing environmental pollution, increasing fun, convenience, flexibility, and healthy exercise, e-bike conversion kits are affecting people's transportation and lifestyle, providing more choices and convenience for people.

From this, it can be seen that the e-bike conversion kit is becoming increasingly important in the selection of modern transportation tools. Whether it's urban commuting or leisure travel, we can choose an e-bike conversion kit. It is becoming one of the ideal ways for people to travel.

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