Best Mountain Electric Bike under €1000

Electric mountain bike is a type of transportation that combines traditional mountain bike and electric bike technology. Traditional mountain cycling requires riders to expend a lot of physical energy. However, with the help of electric power assist systems, e-mtb makes difficult cycling easy and enjoyable.
It can be said that electric mountain bikes provide new opportunities and ways for more people to join the ranks of outdoor cycling. It not only extends the cycling distance, but also making it possible to explore more distant areas.
So when people want to buy an e-mountainbikes, price is an inevitable factor. Generally speaking, high-end brands and more high-performance electric mountain bikes will have higher prices, while some entry-level or simpler configured mountain electric bikes may have more affordable prices.
Whether to purchase an expensive or budget electric mountain bike depends on individual needs and expectations. But if there is not a high demand for the performance of e-mtb, then it may be a good choice to purchase an electric mountain bike around 1000 euros.
Even the budget e-mountainbikes can help people engage in outdoor exercise, improve physical fitness and health levels. By riding the electric mountain bike, people can do aerobic exercise in the natural environment, enhance cardiovascular function and muscle strength. People can also feel the sunshine and appreciate the scenery in nature with budget electric mountain bicycles, so let’s check out several e-mountainbikes around 1000 euros.

Swifty: AT656
• Price: €870
• Motor: 250W
• Battery Capacity: 36V9.6Ah
• One Single Charge: 59km
• Number of speeds: 7
• PAS-Mode of Assist: 4
• LCD Display: No

Halfords: Apollo Phaze Mens Electric Mountain Bike - M Frame
• Price: £629.1
• Speed: 15.5mph
• Motor: Shengei 24V 250W Front-hub Motor
• Battery Capacity: 209Wh / 8.7Ah
• Maximum Range: Average 10-15 miles (max 20 miles)* per charge
• Number of Gears: 6
• LCD Display: No

YOSE POWER: Summer B01
• Price: €719
• Speed: 25km/h
• Motor: 36V250W Rear Drive Motor
• Battery Capacity: 36V13Ah
• Max Range: 50-100km
• Freewheel: 7-Speed
• LCD Display: Yes


Different battery capacities can affect the endurance of electric bicycles, i.e. the distance they can sustain on a single charge. Based on the above information, among these three electric mountain bikes, YOSE POWER Summer B01 has the largest battery capacity. It is 36V13Ah. Swifty AT656 is 36V9.5Ah. Halfords Apollo Phaze Mens is 8.7Ah.

Therefore, a 13Ah battery has a large capacity. This type of battery typically provides longer range, making it suitable for people with higher requirements for battery life.

The battery on YOSE POWER Summer B01 has a sleep function. When the battery is not used for a period of time, it will automatically enter sleep mode. This feature is usually designed to reduce power consumption and avoid damage to the battery caused by deep discharge.

The sleep function also helps to improve the safety of the battery, as it can reduce the safety hazards of the battery during long-term storage. When used again, simply activate the battery to continue using.


The Apollo Phaze Mens has a 24V250W motor and YOSE POWER Summer B01 uses a 36V250W motor. The configuration of 36V250W generally provides good power output and is suitable for commuting, urban cycling, or general mountain cycling.

Compared to a 36V motor, the power output of 24V250W motor is slightly weaker. It indicates that 24V250W motor may be relatively weak in providing assistance. It may be more suitable for use in flat terrain or riding situations with low demand.

At the same time, the Apollo Phaze Mens uses a front-hub motor. YOSE POWER Summer B01 is equipped with a rear drive motor. The advantage of front motors is that installation and maintenance are relatively simple. This design typically increases the front weight of the electric mountain bike, but may have some impact on the handling of the e-mtb.

However, the rear drive motor can provide better grip. Apart from that, it is closer to the riding experience of traditional mountain bikes, especially on rugged or slippery terrain. Riders can better perceive and control power output.


Gears are an important component of the e-mountainbikes transmission system. It allows riders to better adjust speed and resistance according to road conditions and personal preferences.

Generally speaking, increasing the number of gears can provide greater cycling flexibility and better adaptability to diverse cycling environments. Apollo Phaze Mens has 6-speed and YOSE POWER Summer B01 uses 7-speed.

The 7-speed system provides more gear choices than the 6-speed system, which means that riders can adjust gears more finely in different road conditions and riding needs to achieve better riding performance. Riders can more accurately control the relationship between their stepping frequency and speed, achieving higher riding efficiency.


Steel and aluminium 6061 are two common materials for the frame of electric bicycles. The frame of Apollo Phaze Mens is made of steel. YOSE POWER Summer B01's frame is made of aluminum 6061.

Steel frames are generally considered to have good durability and toughness. Furthermore, the manufacturing cost of steel frames is relatively low, so they are easy to repair and process.

On the other hand, aluminum 6061 has good corrosion resistance and is not easily affected by moisture and moisture. Therefore, when used in humid environments, aluminum alloy frames may be better able to maintain good condition than steel frames.

LCD Display

Neither of Apollo Phaze Mens and Swifty AT656 have LCD display. Instead, YOSE POWER Summer B01 is equipped with a LCD Display. It shows various information, such as speed, mileage, battery level, electric and so on. It also can display the currently selected level of electric power assistance.

These information are very useful for cyclists. Through the LCD display screen, riders can easily be aware of various cycling data and the status of electric mountain bicycle. In this way, people can flexibly make corresponding adjustments and enjoy cycling.

What’s more, the LCD Display on YOSE POWER Summer B01 has a USB port, which provides more convenience for cyclists.


From the above content, it can be seen that YOSE POWER Summer B01 is the cheapest among these three electric mountain bikes. Meanwhile, it still has sufficient functionality for people to use in daily life scenarios.

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