In recent years, electric bicycles have rapidly risen and become one of the preferred means of transportation for many people. Meanwhile, e-bike's prices have a certain degree of diversity and development trends in the global market. With the popularization of electric transportation and continuous technological innovation, the prices of e-bikes are gradually moving towards a more diversified and differentiated direction.

In the global market, electric bicycles priced below 1000 euros also occupy a portion of the market share. Because these electric bikes allows more people to afford them without having to bear excessive economic pressure. They provide consumers with basic electric power assistance functions and travel convenience at a more cost-effective price.

Besides, the price of electric bicycles below 1000 euros is suitable for those who are interested in electric bikes but do not want to spend a lot of money on high-end products. Although the price is relatively low, it does not affect the performance and user experience of these e-bikes, and can still meet daily commuting, shopping and other needs.

YOSE POWER is a professional manufacturer of lithium batteries and important components for electric cycling. The products have been selling well in over 20 countries and regions across Europe and America, thanks to the reliable quality and comprehensive after-sales service. From the beginning, YOSE POWER is committed to providing safe, green, and stable power support for people's convenient travels.

The prices of these four e-bikes from YOSE POWER are all below 1000 euros, and even below 800 euros. It is worth noting that the electric mountain bike already has a new version. And the new e-mtb is even cheaper than the old one.

The difference between the new version and the first version is that some accessories have been upgraded on the new mountain e-bike. Apart from that, this new electric bicycle has rear light with dry battery.

The design of using dry battery for the e-bike rear light is a convenient and simple solution. Dry batteries are easy to replace. They do not require charging, and are convenient to use. In addition, the rear light is powered by dry batteries and do not rely on the main battery of the electric bicycle. In this way, even if the main battery is dead, the rear light can still work normally, which also increases safety.

The BB parts and pedals are from NECO. NECO is a company specialized in manufacturing and producing bicycle parts and accessories. NECO enjoys a good reputation in the bicycle industry for its high quality, reliability, and innovation.

This mountain electric bike is equipped with hydraulic suspension and locking functions, which can provide a comfortable and stable riding experience.

Hydraulic suspension system is usually more durable than ordinary spring suspension, requiring less maintenance and adjustment. And hydraulic suspension can maintain good performance for a long time.

What’s more, the hydraulic suspension system will ease jolts and reduce vibrations on the bicycle body, providing a smoother riding experience. It is particularly important for long-distance cycling or cycling on uneven roads. At the same time, it also helps to improve the stability and control performance of the electric bike.

Suspension lock-up can better maintain the stability of the e-bike when encountering even road surfaces and requiring higher speeds. It is very useful for climbing or accelerating in a straight line, as locking the suspension reduces energy loss and makes cycling more efficient.

The city electric bike is equipped with mechanical disc brake. The brake is from Tektro. Tektro is a well-known manufacturer of bicycle braking systems. Their products provide safer and more reliable braking systems for cyclists, and are favored by cycling enthusiasts.

Mechanical disc brake is a relatively reliable and durable braking system. It typically have better adaptability to wet, muddy, or rough roads. Because its braking performance is not easily affected by weather or road conditions, it can maintain stable braking performance.  Additionally, compared to other braking systems, mechanical disc brakes are easier to maintain and adjust, making them a popular option.

The chain on the city e-bike is from KMC. KMC is one of the leading manufacturers in the bicycle chain industry. They continuously innovate and provide advanced chain technology to ensure smooth transmission and reliable performance for cyclists during cycling.

Rear taillight is an important component of improving cycling safety. The LED rear light has two modes, steady light and flashing light, which is a very practical design.

The steady light mode provides continuous light, which helps other road users see the presence and location of e-bikes, increasing cycling safety. The flashing light mode is more likely to attract the attention of other road users, thus avoiding potential dangers. According to different cycling conditions and personal preferences, different modes can be flexibly selected and used.

Freewheel, shifter lever and rear derailleur on the folding e-bike are from SHIMANO as well. SHIMANO RS35 is an entry-level bicycle shifter lever. It has the characteristics of easy operation, high stability, and strong durability. It also provides reliable gear shifting function and convenient operation, making it a more cost-effective choice for daily cycling.

RD-FT35AD is a rear derailleur launched by SHIMANO. It is suitable for 7-speed bicycles. The design of the transmission takes into account ease of use, allowing cyclists to easily and quickly shift gears.

The 2W,30Lux front light with reflector on YOSE POWER’s folding e-bike is the same as the city e-bike. The design with reflective function can increase the reflection effect of the front light and improve the visibility of the electric bicycle.

The 2W power of the front light can provide sufficient bright lighting effects, ensuring that cyclists can clearly see the road conditions ahead. And a brightness of 30 lux can ensure a good lighting range and intensity.

The weather is starting to warm up, making it a great cycling season both in the city and in the suburbs. The combination of spring and electric bike is not only a return to nature, but also an advocacy for green travel. Let's enjoy cycling fun to the fullest in this beautiful season! Just click the link to order your YOSE POWER e-bike with the coupon code: yua10 for €10 off.

Whether wandering in the scenery of the countryside or shuttling through the streets of the city, the electric bicycle from YOSE POWER can provide you with a comfortable riding experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the beautiful time of spring.


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