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As electric bikes become increasingly common in people's daily commuting, it is important for e-bike owners to understand how to properly charge their e-bikes. Because the correct charging method can help extend battery life, improve safety, and maintain the normal operation of electric bicycles. Meanwhile, it will also protect other components of the e-bike. Here are some suggestions on how to properly charge e-bikes.

  1. Follow the Instructions

Before charging the battery, carefully read the battery manual and follow the charging advice provided by the manufacturer to ensure that you understand the correct charging procedure and battery type.

  1. Usthe Original Charger

Always use the original charger provided by the e-bike manufacturer. Third party chargers may damage your battery or electric bike and may violate warranty terms. The original charger is designed to be compatible with the battery, ensuring stable and safe charging process, so do not mix it with other chargers.

  1. Periodic Check

Before charging, check the battery for any abnormal conditions such as damage, bulges, or leakage. Regularly inspect the appearance of the battery and charger for damage to ensure their normal working condition. If any problems are found, immediately stop using and contact the manufacturer or dealer for maintenance or replacement.

Besides, check if the connection between the battery and bike is secure, and tighten it promptly if there is any looseness. Clean the charging port to ensure that there are no impurities such as dust and water stains to ensure the charging effect.

  1. Turn Off the Battery before Charging

Before charging the battery, please make sure to turn it off, as this will help prevent battery overload. Chargers are usually equipped with a charging indicator light, which will turn green or other indicators when charging is completed. At this time, the charger should be unplugged in a timely manner.

Overcharging can accelerate the aging process of batteries, reduce their capacitance and performance. Once the battery is damaged, its endurance and service life will be affected, and even problems such as short circuits may occur. 

Overcharging can cause an increase in the internal temperature of the battery, increasing the risk of fire or explosion. What’s more, if the battery is damaged or cannot be repaired due to overcharging, a new battery needs to be replaced, which will bring additional economic costs.

  1. Pay Attention to the Ambient Temperature

Avoid charging the battery at high or low temperatures. If possible, try to keep the battery charged within the room temperature range and avoid charging under sunlight.

High temperature may cause the battery to overheat, while low temperature may slow down the charging speed of the battery, affecting charging efficiency.

  1. Maintain Ventilationand Dryness

During the charging process, ensure good ventilation around the battery to avoid overheating. Choose a well ventilated indoor location for charging and avoid charging in enclosed spaces or near flammable materials.

When charging, please ensure that the charger and battery are in a dry environment to prevent water stains from entering and causing safety issues such as short circuits.

  1. Avoid Excessive Discharge

If you don't frequently use an electric bike, you should also regularly charge the battery, which will help maintain battery health. If the battery is not used for a long time, it will cause natural discharge, and excessive discharge will reduce the lifespan of the battery.

Excessive discharge can lead to a decrease in battery capacity, reducing the energy storage capacity after charging. It means that the battery will not be able to provide enough electricity to support the normal operation of the electric bike, resulting in a decrease in performance.

This 36V13Ah e-bike battery is from YOSE POWER. Its cycle life is over 1000 times. It is compatible with 36V 250W-700W motor kits. Additionally, the battery uses high power 18650 cells. It also has drop protection and BMS protection.

This battery is equipped with charging and discharging fuses. These fuses are important safety components of the battery system. Their function is to protect the battery from excessive current. When the current exceeds the safe range, the fuse will cut off the circuit. Their presence plays a crucial role in preventing battery damage and reducing risks, which can improve the safety and stability of batteries.

The tail light is controlled by the controller of the electric bicycle. The controller is essential for the safety and normal operation of electric bicycles. It ensures that the various components of the electric bike work together and protects the e-bike from damage. As one of the important safety devices of electric bicycles, the tail light is connected to the circuit of the controller for easy control when needed.

It's worth noting that the charging current cannot exceed 5A. Excessive charging current may cause damage to the internal chemical reactions of the battery. Therefore, limiting the charging current can reduce the risk of battery damage and make the charging process safe and reliable.

The actual range may be influenced by factors such as cycling speed, road conditions, and rider weight. Under test conditions, the range of this 36V13Ah can reach 40-50km in power mode and 150-160km in eco mode. This battery's endurance is basically sufficient for daily use.

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Moreover, please pay attention to the battery case: this 36V13Ah battery closely resembles other types of batteries. Please refer to the detailed image above and ensure that your old battery has the same case as the one with a tick before you place an order.


Correct battery charging habits are of great significance for the lifespan, performance, safety, and environmental impact of batteries. Not only does it help protect batteries and extend their lifespan, but it also demonstrates a responsible attitude towards the environment and energy. By reducing the frequency of battery replacement and energy consumption, good charging habits can help save energy costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

Equip your electric bike with a YOSE POWER battery, and let YOSE POWER provide reliable power support for your ride!

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