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As a means of transportation, electric bikes have gradually become the preferred choice for some people's daily travel. But following that, the existence of e-bike has also sparked some discussion. Is riding an electric bicycle considered cycling? This question involves different viewpoints and positions.

Supporter's Viewpoint

Cycling usually refers to the act of riding a bicycle for sports or leisure activities. On the one hand, some people believe that riding an electric bicycle can also be seen as a form of riding. Although the electric power system provides additional power support, the rider still needs to push the bike forward by stepping on it.

For instance, electric bicycles still require certain skills to control direction, maintain balance, and cope with road conditions, which is not different from traditional bicycles. Riding an e-bike still provides health benefits such as calorie burning, muscle strengthening, and improving cardiovascular function.

Meanwhile, e-bike expands the range of cycling and increases travel distance. The electric assistance of electric bicycles can make riding more enjoyable, especially when going uphill or combating wind resistance. For those who are unable to ride due to age, physical condition, insufficient physical strength, and other reasons, electric bicycles can provide a more inclusive and practical riding solution. During the cycling process, riders can choose whether to use electric power assistance and choose the degree of assistance according to their own needs, thereby controlling the intensity of exercise and making cycling more flexible and personalized.

It can be said that the emergence of electric bicycles has brought more opportunities for people to ride. Through electric bicycles, more people can experience the joy of cycling. It helps people travel more easily and can encourage more people to participate in cycling sports.

Opponent's Viewpoint

On the other hand, some people believe that riding an electric bike is not considered a true cycling experience. Their view is that true cycling should rely entirely on one's own strength to move forward, rather than relying on external power assistance.

Cycling is not only a way of exercising, but also an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and fun means of transportation and activities. The spirit of cycling lies in constantly pushing one's limits and achieving a sense of accomplishment through hard work. However, the emergence of e-bike made cycling no longer pure.

In addition, from the perspective of traffic safety, due to the fact that electric bicycles are usually faster than traditional bicycles, this may increase the risk of collisions with other traffic participants, especially on narrow roads or crowded crowds.

From the perspective of e-bike itself, electric bicycle relies on battery power and requires charging, which may require users to regularly search for charging facilities during long-distance cycling. If the battery runs out, electric bike may become a relatively heavy bicycle, increasing the difficulty of riding.

Apart from that, the purchase and maintenance costs of traditional bicycles are usually lower than those of electric bicycles. Due to the absence of battery charging and replacement costs, riders can enjoy the fun of cycling at a lower cost.

What’s more, the battery life of e-bike is limited. When the battery is no longer usable, it needs to be sent to a local recycling center or a dedicated recycling point for proper disposal.

Thoughts on the Issue

Riding traditional bicycles and e-bikes each have their own advantages. Whether to consider riding an electric bike as a form of cycling may depend on individual needs and preferences. People can choose traditional bicycles, enjoy the pleasure of sweating profusely, and feel the sense of achievement of conquering the journey. In the same way, people can also choose to ride electric bicycle as a more relaxed and efficient way of cycling.

Regardless of our stance, it is important for us to respect the choices of others and realize that the joy and benefits of cycling can be experienced and realized in various forms.

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The LCD display with backlight features 5 assist levels and a 6km/h traction function when holding the down button. Backlight displays can provide good visibility at night or in low light environments, allowing riders to clearly see information on the display screen, such as vehicle speed, battery level, mileage, etc. It helps to improve cycling safety and convenience.

The max speed of throttle is 6km/h. The limit can't be canceled. This function is designed as an auxiliary control method to provide additional flexibility and convenience. For example, the rider can make it easier for the e-bike to start moving forward when using the throttle.

The limited 6km/h speed also allows riders to more accurately control their speed when moving slowly, such as in narrow passages or crowded environments, where a speed limit of 6km/h can relatively reduce the risk of accidents.

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