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More and more people are realizing that our behavior and lifestyle have had a serious impact on the Earth's environment, and finding solutions is urgent.

Earth Day is April 22nd every year and is a global event to raise people's awareness of environmental protection. It aims to call on people around the world to pay attention to sustainable development. It is a day to remind us to reflect on our relationship with Earth and take action to protect the planet on which we live in a common effort.

Cars & Earth

Cars are one of the important means of transportation in people's daily lives, but at the same time, the exhaust emissions from cars have also caused considerable pressure on the Earth's environment. With the number of the automobile increasing rapidly, the negative impact of exhaust emissions is becoming severer day by day.

At present, cars mainly rely on fossil fuels such as oil as their power source, and we all understand that these resources are limited. The exhaust gases released during the extraction and use of these energy sources not only pollute the air, but also lead to the production of excessive greenhouse gases, exacerbating global climate change. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions has become an urgent task to protect the Earth's environment., we need to promote sustainable modes of transportation.

On the personal level, we can also reduce negative environmental impacts by low-carbon transportation, especially during short distance travel, such as walking and cycling can be chosen, which not only exercise the body but also reduce environmental pollution.

Cycling & Reuse

Speaking of cycling, when riding a regular bicycle, many people may feel exhausted over time. The emergence of electric bikes has brought more convenience to people's daily travel, and it has also made cycling more enjoyable. With electric assistance, people no longer have to experience the fatigue of cycling uphill, and the burden of cycling can be reduced.

What's even more interesting is that through the e-bike conversion kits, people can transform traditional bicycles into electric bicycles without purchasing brand new ones. In this way, costs can be significantly reduced.

As we know, reuse is one of the core principles of sustainable development. It helps to reduce waste generation, resource consumption, and energy use. By reusing items, we can extend their lifespan, reduce the demand for new resources, and thus alleviate the pressure on the environment. Many items can still function after proper repair and cleaning.

The use of e-bike conversion kits is also a reuse of idle bicycles. Many people may own an old bicycle, which may have been abandoned or left unused for a long time. By combining these idle bicycles with the e-bike conversion kits, we can reuse them. With the support of the e-bike conversion kits, they have become reusable transportation vehicles and improved cycling efficiency.

The e-bike conversion kits can further encourage people to choose cycling and thus participate in environmental travel actions by installing the e-bike conversion kits. Cycling can reduce dependence on traditional fuel powered vehicles, and reduce carbon emissions and air pollution.

Whether commuting in the city or cycling in the countryside, electric bicycles will be a wonderful choice. People can enjoy the pleasure of cycling while contributing to the future of the Earth. In the meanwhile, cycling is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to personal health. Cycling exercise can enhance physical fitness. It also helps to reduce stress and soothe emotions.

For cycling enthusiasts who want to convert bicycles into electric bicycles, choosing an e-bike conversion kit that suits their needs is crucial. These two 36V250W kits with 36V18Ah batteries above from YOSE POWER are newly launched.

They are fit for cassette freewheel 8s/9s/10s. Also they have an easy-to-use control system and display screen, which allows for real-time viewing of the status of the electric power assist system and adjustment of the assist mode.

They both have 12G spokes with double wall rims. In the specifications of spokes, "G" represents "Gauge", indicating the thickness of the spokes. 12G spoke wheels can provide sufficient support and stability.

Besides, the rim with double wall has certain advantages. Compared to traditional single-layer wall designs, double-layer wall wheels are usually more sturdy and durable. Double walled wheels can better withstand external impacts and loads, reducing the risk of deformation or damage. To a certain extent, it reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement, saving cyclists costs and time.

An electric bicycle cable with a quick release waterproof connector is a very practical design, which makes it easier to connect and disconnect electric bicycle cables. Waterproof connectors can minimize the impact of rainwater or other moisture on the circuit system of electric bicycles, thereby improving the reliability and durability of electric bicycles in rainy or humid environments.

Before purchasing, people should ensure that the kit matches the specifications and dimensions of the original bicycle, including the flywheel, brake system, and other existing bicycle components.

The pedal sensor in these two kits are not compatible with Hollowtech II and Octalink. You will need to use this pedal sensor. Apart from that, the brake levers in the kits are not compatible with hydraulic brakes. You will need to use these brake sensors.

If you have any questions or need more information about products before purchasing from YOSE POWER, please feel free to contact the service team for further communication and assistance via email: service@yosepower.com

If you would like to know more about YOSE POWER’s e-bike conversion kits or any other products, please don’t forget to check out the official online store and use the coupon code "yua10" to enjoy an additional 10 euros discount. Let's work together to rebuild our way of transportation and safeguard the future of the Earth through e-biking. 

E-bike conversion kit

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