€20 Off:The Affordable Mid Motor E-Bike Conversion Kit
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Yes, you read that right. In addition to those best-selling front or rear motor e-bike conversion kits, YOSE POWER also has mid motor e-bike conversion kit. And now, there is a discount of €20 Off.


The electric bicycles has a bright prospect in our modern society. If we intend to breathe fresh air and exercise at the same time, but don't want to sweat like a pig, the electric bicycle can just meet these demands. If we feel tired, and don’t want to keep pressing the pedals, the e-bike will offer some extra help.

The output mode of e-bike combines manpower and electricity. It maximizes the nature of the bicycle. It also allows us to release our physical strength while maintaining the fun of riding. We will experience the feeling of being able to ride farther places on a electric bicycle. The various advantages of e-bike have also led to an increasing demand for it. Therefore, it has a close relation with our daily life and the society. Especially in order to reduce carbon footoprint, it is of great importance to ease the strain on the resources and realize the energy saving.

Electric bike perfectly combines commuting and fitness. It improves people's commuting efficiency while also exercising their bodies. The e-bike conversion kit is an effective way to turn our regular bikes into electric bikes.When we pedal to drive a bicycle, the motor can play an auxiliary role. It can make riding easier and reduce the difficulty of riding, espcially when we go up the slope. If you have a bicycle, but you haven't ridden in a long time, don't miss this opportunity to DIY. Just give your bike a fresh start. What’s more, all the e-bike conversion kits from YOSE POWER have high ration of performance to price.



As a core component, the motor has a crucial impact on the performance of E-Bike. Mid motor e-bike conversion kit, just as its name implies, the electric motor of a mid motor electric bicycle is generally located at the middle and lower parts of the frame.

In this way, the center of gravity of the electric bike remains in the middle. It will impact less on the balance of the entire e-bike during cycling. When people ride the electric bicycle, they will feel lower resistance. It reduces the power output when people are riding the e-bike. At the same time, it achieves the goal of saving effort and improves riding comfort. And there’s no additional burden on the braking system.



The different wires has features that can be distinguished.They have different sizes and colors so that it is easy to figure them out, which also help people install. The design of the mid motor e-bike conversion kit makes the appearance of the e-bike simpler.



According to the European Union standard, when the operating speed reaches up to 25 km/h, the power assistance automatically shuts down.The speed of this mid motor e-bike conversion kit is limited to 25 km/h to comply with EU regulations.

Brushless motor has a lot of advantages. It is quieter at run time. It has lower energy consumption and longer service life. It also has safe operating conditions. The assist ratio can reach to 36-300%.

Torque refers to the torque output by the motor from the crank end, reflecting the load capacity of the e-bike within a certain range. The greater the torque, the stronger the motor output. It has five-speed shift as well. So people are able to feel the experience of different speeds.

The motor can provide 80 N.m of torque. The greater the torque, the stronger the climbing ability. Hence it can cope with the road which has a slope reaches to 40 degrees. Apart from that, it also has the function of waterproof and dustproof and reaches to the protection level of IP54.

It is easy to install and YOSE POWER provides the installation manual.Even if you're a novice, you don't have to worry about being able to complete the installation on your own.



The display is an important part during cycling. It can shows a lot of essential information. For example, the display in this mid motor e-bike conversion kit can make people see the amount of energy left in the e-bike battery, the current speed, the headlight indication and so on. By seeing all kinds of information,people could adjust the cycling state whenever they want.



The push-button design also enhances the operability of the electric bicycle.People can also experience the playability and fun of this mid motor e-bike conversion kit during riding.



E-bikes are increasingly becoming the preferred means of transportation for people to travel. Over the past few years, we have seen an increasing popularity of e-bike among people. There is no doubt that it can make you feel convenient to travel and help you save money.

E-bike is not only a means of transportation, but also an improvement in lifestyle. In a manner of speaking, it provides a unique way and perspective to help us understand the vastness of the world and reacquaint the world we live in.

Let the mid motor e-bike conversion kit from YOSE POWER help you better explore more freely while riding, not limited by physical strength and the slope of the road, discovering more things you may not have noticed before.

Now this mid motor e-bike conversion kit is running an offer. It is a pity to miss it. Click the link and have a look. The click could make you to feel the joy of owning an e-bike while having a mid motor e-bike conversion kit with high cost performance ratio.https://yosepower.com/?ref=wt0b1fn9 And you will surprised if you use code: yua10  



YOSE POWER not only sells all kinds of e-bike conversionkits, but also has the relevant products of e-bike, such as e-bike accessories, e-bike battery and so on. The portable power is highly recommended as well. YOSE POWER has won the praise and trust of customers. Looking forward to your first purchase and repeat purchase.

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