Do You Really Know about Cycling?
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The Benefits of Cycling

As is known to all, cycling is a good way to exercise. A lot of people intend to keep healthy by cycling. Aerobic exercise is beneficial to both the brain and the muscles. And periodic aerobic exercise can help burn calories. Cycling just belongs to the aerobic exercise.

Cycling can compress blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, and provide more oxygen into the brain. That’s the reason why after breathing in more fresh air, our mind will be clearer than before. Cycling can also soothing the mood, ease the pressure and effectively increase the metabolism of the body. When riding a bicycle, we will breathe faster, keep the heart rate up and increase our vital capacity, which can exercise the respiratory function of lung. The flexibility of the nervous system will be improved as well.

Riding a bike for at least 30 minutes at a time with appropriate speed does the body good. The whole body can participate in during cycling. It goes without saying that cycling will train the muscle of legs and waist. Much more the muscle structure in our body can be exerted. It is well understood that cycling can promote the burning of fat and make the body become symmetrical.

Although cycling is a easy way to exercise, it seems that all we need is a bike and then we are ready to go. However, there are some things need to know before we start to riding a bike, especially for the beginners. All these things are mentioned below will help you enjoy cycling better.

Note 1

Any sport needs consistency. It is impossible to have a sudden impulse to exercise by cycling, and then to achieve the desired effect through a long ride for only one time, especially if you just start to go cycling. The mere pursuit of long distance and high speed will lead you to deviate from the original intention of getting healthier by cycling. In this way, you will soon feel tired and do harm to your body, which would result in knee injuries. There’s no doubt that the result like this causes the counterproductive effect.

It is necessary to have a good grasp of the time and intensity of cycling. We need to proceed in an orderly way and step by step. Only by persisting in cycling can we achieve the effect of cycing or any other exercise, which is a more rational way of exercise. The cycling time can be increased gradually.

The city e-bike and mountain e-bike from YOSE POWER both have SHIMANO 7-speed,three power modes and five gear switching. They will save a lot of labour when you are exhaused. To a certain degree, these twoe-bikes are able to reduce the damage to the knees while cycling.

What’s more, 7-speed will provide different kinds of speed experience and meet you need of cycling further. Not only these e-bikes will help you keep fit, but also make your cycling more comfortable and enjoyable. You could find pleasure in it and be more willing to insist on cycling than before.


Note 2

Before starting to riding a bicycle, we need to adjust the height and angle of the saddle in order to reduce the discomfort during riding and take some of the strain off the hip. Otherwise, the constant friction is going to be harmful to our body parts. For example, it will cause the bruises at the root of the thighs. The uncoordinated movement also will affect cycling experience. Therefore, the position of the saddle should be adjusted to be horizontal or downward-sloping slightly in the front of the saddle.

The city e-bike and mountain e-bike from YOSE POWER both have adjustable saddles, which makes you have the saddle at the right height.


When stepping on the pedals, the position of the feet should also be paid attention to. If not, it may cause pain in the ankles or knees. We are supposed to press down the ball of the foot firmly. we need to balance the strength of both legs. In general, the upper body need to lean forward slightly. The rhythm of the breathing is also need to be noticed. Breathing and speed should be coordinated. The breathing rhythm can be adjusted to reduce fatigue.

Apart from that, if we need to ride for a long time, we are supposed to change our posture so as to reduce the stress on the important part of the body for a long time, which is not conducive to health over the long haul.

Note 3

The condition of the bike also need to be checked every time, such as tires, brakes, handlebars and so on. If there is any situation, it needs to be adjusted in time. Careful maintenance can extand the service of bikes.

The battery is one of the integral parts of e-bike. The city e-bike and mountain e-bike from YOSE POWER both have BMS to prevent batteries from overcharing. It also prolong the using life-span of e-bikes.

Protective measures should be taken before cycling as well. For example, we can wear helmets, knee pads and other items. In case if we fall to the ground in an accident, these items can help us reduce the damage to our body.

The city e-bike from YOSE POWER has an LED front light.It can be turned on by APP. The LED front light will help the riders see the road clearly at night and let other people like drivers can notice riders to avoid traffic accidents as much as possible.

Note 4

It is easy to ignore that it is better not to ride a bicycle after eating. Because the stomach is kind of full after eating and the food is being digested. In this case, it may affect gastrointestinal digestion and may cause stomachache. So it is suggested not to go cycling within one hour after meals.

In addition, some electrolyte drinks can be carried before cycling. The electrolyye drinks will supplement the consumption of human metabolism and alleviate fatigue.


Cycling is not as simple as we think. It also includes a lot of scientific knowledge and tips. The e-bikes from YOSE POWER are able to provide you with more wonderful cycling experince. Timely help can be provided in the case of insufficient physical strength and uphill road.

YOSE POWER not only produces the whole e-bikes, but also provides e-bike conversion kit and relevant products about e-bike. If you are intereseted in DIY, those e-bike conversion kits are right here for you! Check it out at and use code: yua10 to get €10 off.




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