The Budget Mountain E-Bike Is Here for You
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The Budget Mountain E-Bike Is Here for You

At the mention of mountain biking, the urge to enjoy riding on a mountain path to satisfy a craving comes to mind. Mountain bike has always been the favorite of many people. It can adapt to more complex road conditions like going through a rugged mountain road. It is precisely because mountain bikes have function like this, which can make us have more fun in riding.

Mountain bikes can bring us close to nature and temporarily get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We are able to breathe the fresh air and appreciate the view, which really feels incomparably satisfied. The natural scenery is an access of the complete physical and mental relaxation.

Mountain e-bike makes physical strength no longer a problem. Mountain e-bike can make it easier for people who have not much cycling experience or physical strength to ride on the uneven surface of the gravel road or the road begins to climb. In this way, it is possible that people are willing to persist in riding mountain bikes rather than want to stopping riding mountain bikes due to tiredness.The enthusiasm for riding mountain bike has been punctured.

Mountain e-bikes give us more freedom to travel. It allows us to see further scenery and challenge our own possibilities.

If you intend to try mountain e-biking, the MTB from YOSE POWER will be a wonderful start for you. It can help you save your energy and let you experience the pleasure of traveling on the mountain paths. As shown here, the price of this mountain bike is under 1000 euros. It is cheaper than other mountain bikes. It means that you are able to spend less money to own a mountain e-bike.

27.5" 250W mtb

Riding downhill always gives people a sense of constant pleasure. But riding uphill is really a test of one's physical strength and mentality. The road suitable for mountain biking cannot avoid slope. After a few difficult uphill rides, our physical strength may have run out. The excitement of riding a mountain bike has also been dissipated by the bumpy road sections and tiredness. We probably just want to go home and have a rest. The result is that we are unable to enjoy the natural scenery and achieve the original goal of relaxing and releasing pressure.                  

Therefore, you might as well choose the mountain e-bike from YOSE POWER to ride on the road with gradient. It would provide you with a more effective way to overcome the difficulty of riding uphill.

Compared with ordinary mountain bikes, the mountain e-bike has stronger processing capacity because it can handle more complex challenges and generate more energy.

mtb battery


Battery is one of the core components of electric bicycles. The mountain e-bike from YOSE POWER has intelligent BMS and comes with sleep function.On the premise of not affecting the normal operation of the battery, the state monitoring of the battery is carried out to ensure that the normal operation and the life of the battery are not affected, thus realizing the intelligent management of the battery.

The full charging time lasts about six to seven hours.So we can charge the battery before we go to bed. When we wake up the next day, the battery will be fully charged and we can continue to ride. The charging recycle is over one thousand times. Therefore,the batter is not easily to lose its charge. As for the charging method,the battery is removable. It is more convenient that we could remove it from the mountain bike and charge it.

In addition, the battery is waterproof and the weight of the battery is 3.2kg. It doesn’t add too much weight on this mountain e-bike.


mtb display


The LCD display will show some specific information, such as speed,distance and so on. The APP can be downloaded by phone through bluetooth. We are able to check the cycling data and battery situation more clearly in this way. It is helpful for us to know the status of the bike all the time.


mtb motor


The mountain e-bike from YOSE POWER has SHIMANO 7-speed and 7s free wheel. The multistage variable speed system will help to switch conventiently during cycling.


This mountain e-bike has better endurance.It owns three power modes, which are off-eco, city-trek and power-max. The general mileage range is from 50 to 100km. The max speed is 25km per hour.It also meets the daily need of cycling in the main.

If you want to ride farther and get more relaxed and more comfortable riding experience compared with ordinary mountain bikes, this mountain e-bike will be a good choice.

27.5 inch wheels have better load carrying capacity and are easier to roll over the obstacles while providing greater tractio. The routing of the wires also looks relatively neat.

The style of the entire mountain e-bike is simple and generous, with no complex things that affect the riding experience. In other words, this mountain e-bike allows people to focus on the simplest riding experience without being distracted by other things. People can better immerse themselves in the surrounding environment while riding this mountain e-bike, and truly relax their mentality.

A side from the LCD screen,the battery will show the remaining capacity of energy. This also allows us to directly see the power level and charge the battery in a timely manner.


removeable battery


The warranty of each listed part is more than one year. Some parts of the warranty is longer. The fork comes with a full three-year warranty. The frame has one-year warranty. Quality assurance is provided for products and various parts.


The mountain e-bike from YOSE POWER is an affordable access of e-mtb. Even novices can quickly master the way and feels the power it brings. With its help, we can find a riding mode suitable for our own state and enjoy riding even more. It helps us to escape the pain of riding uphill roads. We are no longer in a situation that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

YOSE POWER has a lot of products worth trying. Whether you want to try this mountain e-bike or other products which are relevant to electric bikes, such as e-bike accessories, e-bike batteries, e-bike conversion kits and so on. The product which is suitable for you is just right here. Now here is a coupon for €10 off your purchase: Don’t forget to use code: yua10






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