As the weekend approaches, many people want to use the time to stay away from the busy work and do something relaxing. In today's society where environmental and health awareness is increasing, riding an electric bike has become a popular mode of transportation.

Electric bicycles provide us with more possibilities for daily travel, allowing us to explore and experience new things in the city or suburbs. Whether enjoying the beautiful scenery of the suburbs or exploring the corners of the city, electric bicycles are an ideal choice. Let's find some things we can do with the e-bike on weekends together!

  1. Explore the City

On weekends, we can ride the e-bike to shuttle through the streets and alleys of the city, exploring its culture, history, and cuisine. It can be a well-known restaurant, snack street, or traditional market, where we can taste various delicious dishes and experience the city's culinary culture. Riding the electric bike can also help us burn some calories after eating delicious food, stay healthy, and enjoy the food to the fullest. 

Electric bikes can take us to discover things that may be overlooked in daily life. We are able to easily and happily experience the charm of the city while cycling. If living in a coastal city, people can ride electric bicycles along the coastline to enjoy spectacular sea views and appreciate the beautiful scenery of sunrise and sunset.

Electric bicycles have no exhaust emissions and do not generate noise pollution during use, making them an environmentally friendly travel choice. Choosing electric bicycles as a daily means of transportation can help reduce negative impacts on the environment and make our cities cleaner and more livable.

  1. Explore Natural Scenery

Many urban residents spend their workdays in the bustling city life, and weekends are the most suitable time to step out of the city and into nature. By riding electric bikes, it is easy to traverse the city and embark on a natural journey in the suburbs. We can choose to ride in the suburbs or countryside to experience the fresh air and charming scenery.

During cycling, we will feel the gentle breeze brushing our faces, listen to the chirping of birds and the fragrance of flowers. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the comfort of a slower pace of life. Electric bicycles do bring us a joyful experience.

  1. Leisure and Entertainment

Weekends are an excellent time to spend time with friends and family as well. Electric bicycles can become a good companion for activities on this occasion. We can find a comfortable lawn in the park, bring some food and drinks, and hold a picnic with family or friends. Electric bicycles will help us easily carry food and utensils, making picnics more convenient and enjoyable.

In addition to picnics, we can also choose to use e-bikes for other leisure activities such as camping, fishing, etc. By taking full advantage of the convenience and flexibility of the e-bike, we’re able to create a vibrant and fun weekend activity.

For example, for those who love art, weekends are also a good time to explore art. People can ride an e-bike to art exhibitions, galleries, or street art areas, immerse themselves in the ocean of art, and experience the beauty and inspiration that art brings. The flexibility and convenience of e-bike allow people to easily visit various art venues and fully enjoy the charm of culture.

  1. Social Activities

E-bike can also become a platform for social interaction. By joining a cycling club, we can participate in their organized cycling activities. While meeting like-minded friends, it also expands our social circle.

We can share the fun and experience of e-biking with each other, and improve our skills. Using an electric bicycle for a relaxed ride not only relaxes the body and mind, but also enhances cardiovascular function and increases metabolic rate, making it a very effective way of exercising.

Electric bikes from YOSE POWER is suitable for these various scenarios and activities on weekends. The city e-bike, folding e-bike and mountain e-bike are all equipped with 36V250W motors and 36V13Ah batteries. Therefore, they can provide us with a maximum range of 100 kilometers. With the help of these e-bikes, we are able to confidently plan your weekend schedule and enjoy the fun of cycling.

The design of YOSE POWER’s electric bicycles are simple and easy to operate. They make it easy for us to handle. When encountering uphill roads, we can bid farewell to the sweat drenched tiredness of riding uphill and let electric power assist us solve it more easily.

Three power modes and five gear switching help us adjust our cycling speed according to our physical strength and needs. The max speed of these electric bikes can reach 25km/h. For most cyclists, this speed is sufficient to meet the needs of daily commuting and leisure cycling. Moreover, lower speed limits can reduce the risk of traffic accidents. When cycling at this speed, people will have more time to react and avoid potential dangers.

In other words, a speed of 25 kilometers per hour provides a good balance between efficiency, safety, and fun. This speed not only improves cycling efficiency, but also allows riders to comfortably step on bicycles. At the same time, higher speeds require electric bicycle batteries to provide greater power, leading to faster battery depletion and reduced range. By limiting the speed to 25 kilometers per hour, electric bikes can provide riders with longer single charge ranges.


In short, electric bicycles are gradually integrating into our daily lives with their unique advantages. By riding e-bikes, we can enjoy weekend life more freely and deeply experience the beauty of nature. YOSE POWER provides a coupon code: yua10 for customers. The discount code can help you save €10 when placing an order on the official website.

Let's ride YOSE POWER electric bicycles together and enjoy the fun of weekend life! May your weekend be filled with sunshine and happiness!


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