How to Choose Portable Power Station?

The pressures of modern life are great.Once the critical point is broken,the excessive pressure will decrease the quality of life and do harm to both mental and physical health.

Therefore,a lot of people tend to go camping or take a road trip to relax and clear their mind.Nature is an amazing healer for the stresses and strains of modern life.Camping and traveling can give the chance to make changes and make a person grow.However,there’s one thing that can not be ignored if you are making a plan to go camping or take a RV trip.

If we try to go camping or have other long-distance outdoor activities,we will take a computer,phone,camera,drone and so on.Maybe some small household electric appliances are included as well.

Electricity is closely related to our life.Perhaps it also vexed you to think of the problems as below:How to charge several electronics all at once?If you need to use a small household electric appliances,for example,the car refrigerator,are there enough electricity to to run it?

In such cases,the first thing that comes to mind is portable power station.There’s no doubt that we need a powerful electricity supply to solve these problems.This is the reason why portable power stations are essential nowadays.Obviously,they has already played an increasingly important role in recent years.Here are some tips to help you choose the situable portable power station.

Output Method

When the electronics run out of the battery,it’s not convenient to charge them one by one,especially when you need more than one device.What’s more,lots of electronics has different types of charging ports.If there’s only one kind of charging port and it is not compatible with your devices,which really ruins the good mood.

The portable power station from YOSE POWER has 4 output methods so that it allows several devices to be charged at the same time.In this way the efficiency of charging will be improved as well.Apart from that,it also can be used to power some small household appliances.If the electricity in the house suddenly go off one day,it can be served as emergency power supply to ensure the temporary electricity consumption.So you will be much more prepared on that occasion if you keep it at home or in the trunk of your car when you plan to go camping or take a trip.

Battery Capacity

The capacity of the portable power station determines the available power duration.If the portable power station has the larger battery capacity,it will have the longer time to charge the device.It is one of the important aspects to choose the portable power station.But that's not to say, the larger capacity of portable power station,the better.Normally,the larger capacity it has,the heavier it is.Therefore,the most significant thing is to choose the cost-effective product,which is suitable for your own use.There’s no need to one-sidedly focus on the large capacity.Choosing the right is the best.

The protable power station from YOSE POWER has 388wh.It can charge your different kinds of devices for hours and meet the basic power demand.It will make your outdoor life freer and ease your worry about not having enough electricity all the time.More than that,it will become a good help to you in every aspect of domestic life.

Charging Method

The portable power station needs to have multiple ways to get charged.In this way,we are able to choose the most suitable way to charge it in different scenarios.With the exception of this reason,in case one of the charging methods doesn’t work for some reason we don’t know,we still could have others ways to charge the portable power station.

The protable power station from YOSE POWER has three charging methods to ensure the power supply and help you allay the anxiety of low battery.We can choose different charging methods according to the different situations.

For example,before we set off,there’s no doubt that we could charge it fully at home through wall charger.When we are on the way,we could charge it through solar panel as long as the weather is sunny and bright.When we are on a camping trip, the solar panel can be put aside to charge the portable power station.It has the double advantage of being conventient and environment-friendly.If the weather is bad,we still don't have to feel worried because we could choose to charge the portable power station by a car charge cable while we are driving.All in all,each way ought to reassure us.



The quality of cells affects the quality of portable power station directly.Good cells has longer service life and more stable performance.The cells can achieve the purpose of the protection towards overcharge.

The portable power station from YOSE POWER has BMS overcharge protection system.If the portable power station encounters overcharge while using it, it will stop working so as to protect your devices,which embodies reliability and safety.

Thoughtful Design

 The portable power station from YOSE POWER has a plastic dustproof cap to avoid dust,water and other things which are likely to impact its usage effect and service life.

 The portable power station from YOSE POWER is equipped with an LED light which can assist you to see clearly in poor light or dark places.The LED light has three patterns.Everytime you press the button,it will switch to another light pattern.The second light pattern is brighter than the first one.Most notably,the third pattern is SOS light.If there is something emergent,you could press the LED light button once or twice (depends on whether you already use the first or second LED light pattern) and it will switch into SOS light.

 The portable power station from YOSE POWER doesn’t have big size.So even a kid can move and use it.Interestingly enough,it also can be your fitness equipment to exercise your arms and shoulders.Moreover,you don’t have to hold it with hands like other products.You are able to carry it with the handle by one hand easily.The screen will display its remaining power so that you can charge it in time if it doesn’t have enough power.


When using,the portable power station should be kept away from fire or heat, water or damp area in order to avoid damage and prolong the using life-span.

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