Don't Miss It! A Worth Trying Rear Carrier E-Bike Battery

The last few years have witnessed a great deal of progress in terms of the development of e-bikes. E-bikes are a sustainable mode of transportation that produce zero emissions and have a lower environmental impact than traditional cars or motorcycles. In addition, e-bikes provide a low-impact form of exercise that can promote overall health and fitness, particularly for those who may have difficulty with traditional cycling.

Speaking of e-bikes, the batteries can not be ignored. E-bike batteries are a crucial component of an electric bike, providing the power needed to operate the motor and assist the rider's pedaling efforts. The capacity of the e-bike battery determines how far the bike can travel on a single charge, making it an essential factor in determining the range and distance the rider can cover. The quality and reliability of the e-bike battery can impact the overall performance of the bike, including its speed, acceleration, and ability to climb hills.

YOSE POWER is a professional manufacturer of e-bike lithium ion batteries. YOSE POWER has many types of e-bike batteries. The rear rarrier e-bike battery is also a popular product.

rear rack ebike battery

This rear carrier e-bike battery is easy to amount on the bike. The weight of the battery is approximately 3.2kg. The battery is made of high power 18650 cells. High power 18650 cells have a high energy density, meaning they can store a large amount of energy in a compact size. What’s more, high power 18650 cells are designed with safety features such as overcharge and over-discharge protection, which help prevent battery damage and ensure user safety. The cycle life can reach to more than 1000 times, which means that this battery has longer life span.

ebike batteryebike battery


The battery has a power switch, people can turn on or off the battery by pressing it. The charge port has a lid to prevent from dust or water. One thing to keep in mind is that the charge current cannot more than 5A. The safe lock is used to lock the battery on the frame. The stand current of discharging is 10A. The max current(continuous) is 20A/30A. The protect current is 50A. The end voltage is 28V/36.4A.

ebike battery

The battery has power level light. People just need to press the button, the light will turn on and it will turn off automatically in 5 seconds.

ebike battery

The battery has tail light. If people press the button, the tail light will turn on. The tail light will turn off if people press the button again. The tail light is powered by individual dry batteries.

ebike battery

As it shows that this rear carrier e-bike battery has three different types — 36V 13Ah(481Wh), 36V 14.5Ah(537Wh)and 48V 10.4Ah(500Wh).

The 36V 13Ah one(Temperature : 20°C / Weight : 70kg / With 36V350W motor and pedal assist)can reach to 50-55km/h in power mode under test conditions. In the eco mode, it can reach to 160-170km/h(Under the same test conditions).

The 36V 14.5Ah one(Temperature : 20°C / Weight : 70kg / With max motor 36V700W and pedal assist)can reach to 45-55km/h in power mode under test conditions. In the eco mode, it can reach to 165-175km/h(Under the same test conditions).

The 48V 10.4Ah one(Temperature : 20°C / Weight : 70kg / With 48V350W motor and pedal assist)can reach to 35-40km/h in power mode under test conditions. In the eco mode, it can reach to 120-130km/h(Under the same test conditions).

This rear carrier e-bike battery is compatible with 36V 250W-500W motor kits. It is also compatible with the bikes which are 26"-28" with V-brake and disc brake. People can choose the suitable one according to their own needs for daily travelling.

ebike battery

This battery have space to put the controller. But people need to confirm their controller small enough to put in. Normally, the controller need to be customized. The controller will not be provided.

ebike battery

In the packing list, there are one battery,one charger(EU/UK standard), two keys, one discharge connector, one carrier, one disc brake link lever, one luggage rope and one user manual. There is XT60 adaptor in parcel. The 13Ah battery can be bought without rear carrier. The warranty of battery is 18 months. The warranty of charger is 12 months.

ebike battery

The rear carrier e-bike battery has lots of advantages. For example, it provides additional storage space on the back of the bike for carrying gear or other items. The weight of the battery is distributed evenly over the rear wheel, which can improve stability and handling while riding. Rear carrier batteries can help balance the weight of the bike, especially if you're carrying a heavy load on the front of the bike. Besides, rear carrier batteries are typically easy to remove, making it convenient to take the battery off the bike for charging or storage. With the added weight and balance provided by the rear carrier battery, riders can feel more secure and in control while riding, particularly on long rides or during inclement weather.

Overall, e-bike batteries with rear carriers offer many benefits that make them a popular choice among electric bike riders.

Now, this rear carrier e-bike battery from YOSE POWER is cheaper than before. The 36V13Ah one has €20 off. The 48V10.4Ah one has €10 off. If you use coupon code: yua10 when you buy the battery at , you will get €10 off. Isn’t it really nice to get a wonderful battery with an affordable price?

Some customers has bought one before and want to buy the second one for another bike diy. It also proves that this rear carrier e-bike battery has wonderful quality and it is worth trying. If you haven’t had an e-bike because of the price and installation, then you should take advantage of the discount, get this battery and you are going to have a new start of your cycling.

Ebike battery

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