You May Also Have These Bad Cycling Habits
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Cycling is a fast, money-saving and environmentally friendly way to travel for modern people, and it can also exercise and reduce stress. However, many people have some common bad habits when cycling, which may cause harm to the body, and may also affect the effectiveness and safety of the ride. This article will list some bad cycling habits that people often fall into, and propose corresponding solutions, hoping to attract the attention of the majority of riders.

Use Earphones

Using headphones is a bad habit that can endanger personal safety and the health of others. If we wear headphones while cycling, we will not be able to hear sounds from other vehicles or pedestrians, which can lead to dangerous situations.

When riding, we’re supposed to try to avoid using headphones. If we must use headphones, we should keep the volume to a minimum and always leave one ear open for ambient sound.

Use Expired or Low Quality Tires

Some riders use expired or low-quality tires, which increases the risk of a flat tire while riding.

Before riding, we need to check our tires to make sure they are not expired, wear-free, and meet the specifications of the bike we are riding. If you are a frequent rider or have complex terrain, you can choose a stronger tread to better protect your safety.

Not Familiar with Road Conditions

Unfamiliarity with roads and road conditions is a common problem in cycling. If we don't know the rules of cycling on the road or ignore certain details, it can lead to danger.

Therefore, we should carefully understand local cycling regulations and safety advice first. If you are a novice, it is best to choose a smooth and safe cycling path first. When riding, we have to pay attention to road signs and directions, especially at intersections.

Irregular Breathing while Cycling

Many people habitually inhale too shallowly or too long when riding a bicycle, or breathe uncoordinated. This will lead to insufficient oxygen supply, physical fatigue, and prone to dizziness.

We could take a deep breath when riding a bicycle, try to fully expand our lungs, keep our breathing as stable as possible, avoid shortness or suffocation, and breathe according to certain rules when riding.

Not Paying Attention to Maintenance

Not paying attention to maintaining bikes is also a pervasive situation. If we don't maintain our bikes, they will have problems, such as brake failure or twisting.

We need to regularly check the brakes, chains, axles, rims and other important parts. If you are not familiar with bicycle maintenance, you can refer to the bicycle repair manual or consult a professional.

Inappropriate Saddle Height and Position

Many people have problems with inappropriate saddle height or incorrect saddle position when riding a bike. This problem can lead to poor riding posture and damage to the sciatic nerve and wrist after a long ride.

People should adjust the height and position of the saddle correctly. The height of the saddle should be adjusted so that the knees are slightly bent rather than extended, and the saddle position should be adjusted so that the body sits upright and stretches naturally when grasping the handlebars with both hands.

Not Paying Attention to Road Problems

Road problems are an important factor affecting cycling safety. Many people do not notice road problems when riding, and accidents will inevitably occur. For example, uneven road surfaces, stones, sand and other debris may lead to crashes.

Especially for beginners, you must pay attention to road problems when riding, and be careful not to ride over stones and uneven road sections. If there are debris on the road, reduce the riding speed and avoid falling.


Parking the Bike in an Inappropriate Location for a Long Time

Some people are accustomed to parking bicycles on the side of the road or in irregular places. If they park in the open air for a long time, they are vulnerable to sunlight and wind and rain, resulting in the aging of the vehicle.

To choose a suitable parking place, park your bicycle in a dry and ventilated place as much as possible, and wrap the vehicle in a dust cover or cover to avoid damage to the vehicle due to weather.

By getting rid of these bad cycling habits, people are able to enjoy  cycling more. Apart from these ways, there’s another way to make people have better cycling experience.

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Cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel, but we should pay attention to safety issues during cycling. For these common bad cycling habits, we should take corresponding solutions. By taking these measures, we can further ensure that we have a healthier, safer and more comfortable riding experience.

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