E-Bikes and Exercise
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In today's fast-paced, high-stress life, people are increasingly focusing on health and fitness. However, due to busy lives, lack of exercise time and choice of exercise methods, many people have prominent health problems. In addition to practical aspects such as energy saving, environmental protection and convenience, especially in urban travel and sports, the popularity of electric bikes is increasing day by day. Electric bikes can not only be used as means of transportation, but also have unique advantages in scientific exercise.

Electric bicycles reduce the burden of exercise is one of its biggest features. For sports novices, due to its power auxiliary features, they can ride long distances more easily and reduce the fatigue of exercise. For experienced cyclists, cycling is not only the best way to exercise, but also provides them with an interesting challenge that increases the mastery and interest of exercise.

Low Carbon and Environmental Protection

Unlike the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the use of motor vehicles, the use of e-bikes can greatly reduce this environmental problem. When people ride e-bikes, they also make their own contributions to environmental protection, and the dual value makes people more willing to embrace this fitness method. Electric bicycle exercise focuses on physical balance and physical coordination.

Flexible Mastery of Cycling

For people with more average physical strength, the difficulty of driving a traditional bicycle may be too high to last for a long time. We can make the electric power assist play an appropriate role according to our physical fitness state, so as to achieve the purpose of exercising our body.

For example, when riding on flat ground, we can choose a level with less power, and when climbing, we can adjust to a level with more power, so that we can better adjust and adapt to our physical condition. The function of electric power assist allows us to more flexibly grasp the difficulty of exercise.

Longer Cycling Distance

Because of the power-assisted system of e-bike driving, the riding distance can be farther and more efficient. When using traditional bicycles, the riding route range is narrow and the riding distance is limited, so the exercise effect is greatly limited. With e-bike, we can ride longer distances within the specified time, accumulate more exercise effects, and be more conducive to our health. Regular cycling is also beneficial for enhancing exercise effectiveness.

  • bike is highly regarded in terms of physical exercise, and with the development of technology, it will become a choice for more people to exercise. If you are also an exercise enthusiast, considering owning an e-bike would be a great choice.

Electric bikes are a great exercise tool that can help us get rid of sports constraints and health problems, while effectively maintaining health. Of course, there are some basic principles and norms that need to be followed before riding, so as to ensure our health and safety. All in all, when using sports exercise scientifically and rationally, it is most important to master the most effective methods and techniques, which is also the biggest benefit that electric bikes bring us.

E-Bike Conversion Kit

However, compared to buying a brand new e-bike directly, using e-bike conversion kit to convert a regular bicycle into an e-bike is much more cost-effective, especially for those who already have a bike. Buying a second-hand bicycle for conversion still doesn't cost a lot of money.


YOSE POWER is a professional manufacturer of e-bike lithium-ion battery and supplier of e-bike's whole set of power system since 2011. As this picture shows, YOSE POWER has different types of e-bike conversion kits, such as front motors, rear motors and mid motor. There are 14 types of e-bike conversion kits and 28 kinds of e-bike batteries. Among these products, there would be one for you.


This rear freewheel e-bike motor conversion kit is 36V250W for 26"and 28"(700C).


The max speed is 25km/h. It is a legal kit. This motor kit has pedal assist mode and it can cope with uphills which the topographical gradient is around 40 degrees.

The controller has super low voice and it also has the function of auto-sleep. It works with high efficiency and it has multiple protections.

The RPM of the motor is from around 200 to 220. It has stable output and quick response. What’s more, this kit is super easy to install. It is really suitable for daily life.

The LED display, twist throttle and brake levers all have wonderful quality and performance which could bring you good experience.

If you’re considering to get an e-bike, then the e-bike conversion kits from YOSE POWER could be a good start to get to know e-bike. These e-bike conversion kits not only can make you have the joy of DIY, but also help you save money to own an e-bike.

Check out these e-bike conversion kits and other products on the website here: https://yosepower.com/?ref=wt0b1fn9. You may find something you need to help you DIY your bike and here’s the coupon code: yua10 to make you get €10 off on your order. Take a look and have one. Enjoy your cycling!


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