Pedal PAS Sensor for Left Side

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Technical Data:
Fit for: left side
Standard interfac: SM-3A
Width: thicker 4-5mm / thinner 2-3mm
Cable length: 50cm
Weight: 0.03kg

Packing List
PAS Sensor x 1

Warm Tips:
*Shipping from China takes 20-30 working days.
*Use the integration structure design of dual hall detection elements and the built-in disk, and it is unique, novel with beautiful appearance;
*Compared with the traditional separation sensor, it can realize the concentric motion of disk and magnetic induction element, which is with high sensitivity and stable signal;
*Output 12 signals with fast power-assist response speed, and it can automatically identify the positive rotation and the reverse rotation of the pedal;
*The installation and disassembly are convenient and quick.
*NOT FOR Hollowtech2/Octalink

Copyright Statement:
All the contents including words, pictures, and videos are originally made by YOSE POWER.
It is not allowed to plagiarize without permission or we keep the right to pursue legal responsibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Richard DAWSON
Work perfect

Quick delivery and easy to instal.

Kai Voges
Pedal PAS Sensor does not fit for this bycicle

So, i send it back to the Shop in South-Germany. I wanz to change this Sensor into another , who fit to my bycicle .

Jan Lehmann

Top Service

Ernst Kretzschmann GmbH

Pedal PAS Sensor for Left Side

Björn Millberg
Pedal PAS Sensor for Left Side

i hade to replace the sensor that i got in the 27.5" Wheel set it just stoppad working so i got a new one.

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