Lishui 36V Controller for Yose Power Motor Kit

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Title: For front motor
Ship from: China
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Lishui 36V controller for Yose Power rear or front motor kit, is compatibel with C500 Display

1.Technical Data:
Fit for: Yose Power rear / front motor kit
Rated voltage: DC36V
Rated current: 9A / 7A
Low voltage protection: DC31V
Max. current: 18A / 15A
Throttle adjustment voltage: 1.2V-4.4V
Weight: 0.3kg

2.Packing List
controller x 1

3.Warm tips
*Shipping from China takes 120-30 working days.
*Please read the instruction manual carefully after received the package, this will help you to use the product effectively.
*If you want to return the product, please return the complete product as soon as possible and ensure the product has not been used and doesn’t affect secondary sales.

4.Copyright Statement

All the contents including words, pictures, and videos are originally made by YOSE POWER.
It is not allowed to plagiarize without permission or we keep the right to pursue legal responsibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Giorgio Giachino
Controlled ok

controller arrived and already assembled all perfect Tkancs

frank katzenberger C/O Ziemann


Heiko Helmbrecht

Thank You for short and excellent supply

Timo Neuhäuser
Nice Produkt

Very nice Produkt works stable. Build inside a robust case. The internals Look also high quality. The only Problem is that the case is not 100% water tight but i also kept it outside and the Tire spiled always water over it while driving. I repaired the Produkt and painted it with watertight paint. Now it works just fine. For those how have also Problems with water damage, they Schould Check the Mosfets. Mostlikely the base has Elektrikal conntact With the heat sink. Just add a New resistent layer witch can Transfer heat. That worked for me two Times fine. The Support here is also great.

Rudolf Geisel

Lishui 36V Controller for Yose Power Motor Kit

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