What Do You Need to Prepare for Cycling?
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Cycling always has an attractive charm. Many people will have a yearning and impulse when they think of riding. During the bike ride, we’re provided with opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding sceneries. We can’t help feeling overwhelmed by the magic and power of nature. Cycling is also a way for people choose to relax and release stress.

However, we need to prepare before starting the cycling. With these items, we can focus on riding without being distracted or bothered by other things and ensure our riding safety and daily needs.

  1. A Suitable E-Bike

During the riding process, we inevitably encounter uphill roads and it does take much energy. In this condition, electric bike will be a boon for cyclists. It compensates for the physical deficiency of people during riding. With its help, people can reduce the damage to the knee joint to a certain extent.

Therefore, selecting a suitable e-bike is particularly important. We can rely on our own budget and daily usage to consider what kind of e-bike we should buy.


The e-mtb from YOSE POWER is a wonderful choice. It has the e-bike battery with 36V13Ah, 480Wh and the battery has sleep function. Besides, the e-bike battery has intellent BMS and IP65 protection class. The rear motor is 36V250W. The maximum mileage can reach to 100km. The e-mtb has better endurance and SHIMANO 7-speed.

This e-mtb has LCD display so that the specific information can be clearly noticed by it. People can download the APP on the phone through bluetooth and review the information in the APP.

Apart from the e-mtb, using e-bike conversion kit also is a way to own an e-bike. In general, the e-bike conversion kit is more affordable than the whole e-bike. If we already have a bike, then we don’t need to buy a brand new e-bike. The e-bike conversion kit will help us to save the money and we can experience the pleasure of DIY and the real sense of achievement. The original bike also starts to have a different service life.

There is no need to compare the performance of various e-bikes too much. The key is to choose the one that suits you and is within your budget.


YOSE POWER has a lot of e-bike conversion kits, including front motor kits, rear motor kits and mid motor kit. These e-bike conversion kits can meet the daily commuting needs. People who have brought them also receive real assistance. As for the installation, YOSE POWER also provides user’s manual and instructional videos to customers.  

Here is a way to know about YOSE POWER. https://yosepower.com/?ref=wt0b1fn9 Click the link and check it out. Use the coupon code: yua10 to get €10 off. It couldn’t be better if you could find something suitable for your bike with a good price.

  1. Helmet

Safety is paramount. Accidents are unpredictable. Even if you ride a bicycle near your home or other places you are familiar with, unexpected things may still happen. When an accident occurs, it may not be possible to brake in time. In this way, people may fall or bump into something else. At such times, the presence of helmets is particularly important and can even save lives.

Therefore, whether it's a long-distance ride or riding on a familiar road, as long as we ride outdoors, we must wear a helmet. Do not exist idea of trusting to luck. In this way, even if there is an accident, we can protect our heads with helmets to minimize injuries.

  1. Glasses

During the riding process, there may be a grain of sand or insects flying into the eyes. The strong sunlight may makes people squint or feel dazzled. So we can select the suitable glasses to wear and protect our eyes when riding the e-bike.

  1. Gloves

If we ride for a long time, the palms may be worn or blistered. Gloves can absorb sweat from the hands to avoid abrasion. Gloves are anti-skid and they can also increase friction. If riding on bumpy roads, gloves can also reduce vibration and hand numbness. In summer, the gloves will protect the hands from sunlight. In winter, the gloves can keep warm.

  1. Cycling Wears

Cycling wears are quick-dry and breathable. They can absorb sweat and protect against sun to make us more comfortable to ride and reduce discomfort during cycling. Cycling wears are generally relatively close fitting, so they can effectively reduce wind resistance.

The colourful cycling wears also can let us be niticed by others, which also improves safety.


There are lots of things can help us during cycling. The most important thing is to select according to our own needs. Of course, the things that can protect your safety cannot be ignored.

YOSE POWER is always devoted to improve the user experiences and focus on customer’s feedback. Try YOSE POWER’s products to have a comfortable and convenient cycling experience. Let YOSE POWER accompany you and have more fun in cycling.


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