Tips for Cycling in Summer
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As the summer draws to close, the weather becomes hotter. Summer riding is a very popular form of exercise that allows us to enjoy beautiful natural scenery and the benefits of being fit. However, summer riding requires us to pay attention to many safety precautions to keep our riding experience enjoyable and safe.

Route options for summer cycling

It is very important to choose a suitable riding route. In summer, we should avoid riding during hot hours and on particularly busy roads, as this may lead to heat stroke or traffic accidents. When choosing a riding route, we need to take into account the weather conditions, road conditions, and riding ability.

The journey should be gradually increased rather than a long distance directly at the beginning. We can stick to it for a short time at the beginning, and then increase it after getting used to it slowly. Summer temperatures are high, and high-intensity cycling will increase the burden on the body, which may prone to dehydration. Therefore, it’s better to reduce the intensity of cycling to ensure physical safety.

For example, in hot weather, we should choose a shaded area or ride to a place with water resources such as the sea to rehydrate when needed. Novice should choose a gentle route and don't take the risk of trying a steep climbing route, as this may have a bad effect on the body.

Warm up and cool down for summer riding

Summer riding requires proper warm-up and cooling. As the temperature rises, the blood vessels of the human body will also expand more, and the body is in a relaxed state, so a certain warm-up exercise is required. Warming up can increase body temperature, promote blood circulation and metabolism, keep muscles in good condition, and prevent injuries.

It is expected that before the 30-minute to 1-hour ride, do 5-10 minutes of regular warm-up movements such as jogging, rotating arms, and twisting waist. The number of repetitions of each action should be 10 times, and the speed should be appropriate. Be careful not to get tired.

Cooling can help us relax and recover. In hot weather, we should avoid high-intensity or long rides around noon, as this can make us feel tired and exhausted. Ride in the early morning or early evening with appropriate warm-up and cooling activities.

The importance of sun protection

The sun is fierce in summer, and cycling with prolonged exposure to the sun can leave our skin vulnerable to damage and even burns. Sticking to sun protection can prevent skin melanin precipitation and skin cancer.

Before riding, apply professional sunscreen with an SPF value above 30. Apply sunscreen again appropriately according to factors such as riding time, length of uphill and downhill, and temperature.

Scientific combination of diet

Cycling can efficiently consume energy in the body, so proper intake of high-calorie foods before cycling can increase energy and improve cycling ability.

It is recommended to eat some carbohydrates and protein foods 2 hours before riding, such as milk, eggs, cereal, etc., to ensure that there is enough energy to support the riding time. For snacks during the ride, we can choose some high-calorie and low-fat foods, such as energy bars and nuts.

Summer cycling is hot and sweats a lot. Pay attention to drinking plenty of water and supplementing sugar during riding, such as drinking sugary beverages, fruit juices, etc. After riding, we can choose high-protein foods to promote muscle recovery.

Cycling at Night

In summer, when the temperature is high, many people choose to ride at night. When riding at night, legal lights and "red tail lights" need to be installed to make the bike more eye-catching and easy for others to identify, so as to minimize safety problems.

We must pay attention to safety matters in order to enjoy the ride. Complete cycling safety equipment is also the focus of our attention. Before riding, we need to make sure your riding gear is complete. This includes riding helmets, riding gloves, breathable riding clothes, riding shoes, etc. A riding helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety gear as it protects our head from collision injuries. Gloves protect our hands from injury if we have an emergency during riding, while breathable riding clothes keep us comfortable and dry in hot weather.

More importantly, we should always pay attention to our physical condition, and if there is any discomfort or abnormal physical condition, we should immediately stop riding and undergo medical examination.


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