Best City Electric Bike under €1000
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In the city, we crave convenient modes of transportation. City e-bike, which combines traditional bicycle design and electric power assist system, not only provides a convenient way of transportation, but also plays an important role in the concept of sustainable transportation.

Therefore, for many urban residents, owning a reasonably priced and reliable-quality city electric bike is the best choice to improve their quality of life and facilitate transportation.

Finding city electric bicycles priced below 1000 euros may be a challenge. But in fact, some brands have launched city e-bikes for less than 1000 euros, providing consumers with more choices. So, let's explore some city electric bicycles together.

Eleglide: T1 Step-Thru
• Price: €949
• Speed: 25km/h
• Motor: 250W
• Battery Capacity: 36V13Ah
• Net Weight: 26kg
• Top Range: 100km
• Gear System: 7 Speed Types
• Max Load: 120kg
• Removable Battery: Yes
• Front Light & Rear Light: Yes

ESKUTE: Wayfarer Electric Bike
• Price: £999
• Speed: 15.5mph
• Motor: 250W
• Battery Capacity: 36V10AH=360Wah
• Distance: Up to 40 Miles estimated
• Gear System: 7 Speed Types
• Payload Capacity: 120kg
• Removable Battery: Yes
• Front Light & Rear Light: Yes
• Chain: KMC

YOSE POWER: Autumn A01
• Price: €745
• Speed: 25km/h
• Motor: 250W
• Battery Capacity: 36V13Ah
• Net Weight: 23.5kg
• Max Range: 50-100km
• Gear System: 7 Speed Types
• Removable Battery: Yes
• Front Light & Rear Light: Yes
• Chain: KMC
• Maximum Rider Weight: 125kg including bike, rider and baggage

Based on the above information, it can be seen that under similar specifications comparisons, the city electric bike of YOSE POWER can be at most nearly 419 euros cheaper.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of e-bike is a very important parameter that determines the range and usage time of electric bicycles. Generally speaking, battery capacity is expressed in ampere hours (Ah), and the larger the capacity, the stronger the battery life of the electric bike. Larger capacity batteries can support longer cycling distances. Users can enjoy the pleasure of cycling for a longer period of time without the need for frequent charging.

The battery on ESKUTE Wayfarer Electric Bike is 36V10Ah. It can support electric bicycles to travel about 40 miles. However, the battery on YOSE POWER Autumn A01 is 36V13Ah. Compared to a 10Ah battery, a 13Ah battery has a larger capacity and can provide longer range. It can generally support electric bicycles to travel around 50-100km.


The weight of an electric bicycle is a consideration factor for users. Generally speaking, the weight of an e-bike is influenced by various factors, including frame material, battery capacity, weight of the power system, and other accessories.

YOSE POWER Autumn A01 is 23.5kg. Eleglide T1 Step-Thru is 26kg. Lighter e-bikes are more convenient for handling or moving. Besides, riding a lighter electric bike may be more labor-saving, especially when it is necessary to push or uphill. A lighter weight means less burden, making cycling easier.


Undoubtedly, e-bike's warranty is very important for consumers. Because it can provide protection and support for buyers at specific times. A good warranty policy can protect the rights of consumers and reassure themselves when using electric bikes.

At the same time, warranty can convey a message to consumers that manufacturers have confidence in the quality of their products. If the manufacturer is willing to provide a longer warranty period, consumers may be more willing to purchase this product.

Here is the warranty list of YOSE POWER Autumn A01.

• Frame: 5 years
• Fork: 3 years
• Controller: 2 years
• Motor: 18 months
• Battery: 18 months
• Handlebar: 1 year
• Handle Stem: 1 year
• Freewheel: 1 year
• Luggage Carrier: 1 year
• Kick Stand: 1 year
• Display: 1 year
• Charger: 1 year
• Throttle: 1 year
• Brake Lever: 1 year
• PAS Sensor: 1 year

What follows is the warranty list of Eleglide T1 Step-Thru.
• Frame: 3 years
• Front Fork: 1 year
• Controller: 1 year
• Motor: 1 year
• Charger: 1 year
• Battery: 6 months
• Control Panel: 6 months
• Chain Wheel: 6 months
• Freewheel: 6 months
• Brake Assembly: 6 months
• Thumb Shifter: 6 months
• Front Derailleur: 6 months
• Rear Derailleur: 6 months
• Front Light: 6 months
• Kickstand: 3 months
• Pedal: 3 months
• Others: 14 days
It can be clearly seen from the comparison of the warranty for the components between these two electric bikes that the warranty of YOSE POWER Autumn A01 is significantly longer than that of Eleglide T1 Step-Thru. As we all know, electric bicycles are composed of many important components, some of which include motors, batteries, controllers, and so on. They work together to ensure the normal operation of e-bike.
The warranty for the components of Eleglide T1 Step-Thru is generally 1 year or 6 months. Only the frame's warranty is 3 years. The frame is the main structural support for electric bicycles. The frame's warranty of YOSE POWER Autumn A01 is up to five years.
The motor is one of the core components of an electric bicycle, providing power support. The warranty for motor of Eleglide T1 Step-Thru is one year, while the warranty for YOSE POWER Autumn A01’s motor is six months longer than the warranty for Eleglide T1 Step-Thru.
Batteries are the source of energy for electric bicycles. The warranty for battery of Eleglide T1 Step-Thru is only six months. The warranty for YOSE POWER Autumn A01’s battery is still one and a half years.
The controller is the brain of an electric bicycle, responsible for controlling the power output of the electric motor, monitoring the battery status, and communicating with other systems. The warranty for controller of Eleglide T1 Step-Thru is one year. However, the warranty for YOSE POWER Autumn A01’s controller is two year.
To sum up, as a city e-bike with basic electric power assistance functions, YOSE POWER Autumn A01 also has cost-effectiveness in terms of price. Welcome to the website: to learn more detailed information about this electric bike. Now, use the discount code: yua10 when placing an order to enjoy a more favorable price, making it more economical for you to own this city electric bike. Let it bring more vitality and convenience to our lives!


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