YOSE POWER 100€ Gift Card/Coupon COST ONLY 90€

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Yose Power Gift Card / Coupon / voucher (You will get a special card code by email immediately after you buy the Gift Card.)

1. It can be used when paying for any product.
2. We reserve the right to explain the terms of the event.
3. The Gift Card Code can't be used with other Discount Codes. The discount can't stack up.
4. If you buy a product under 100€, the rest value is will be stored still on your card. You can still use it by same code in next order.
5. The Gift Card will expire after 1 year.
6. More Gift Card with different Value will be provided also soon.
7. How to use the Gift Card.
a. Buy a Gift Card firstly. The card Code will be sent to your mailbox immediately.
b. Choose the products you will order.
c. Turn to payment page to fill in your complete address.
d. Copy your own card code.
e. Use the card code to finish the payment.
f. If your purchase amount is under the value of your Gift Card, the rest value will be stored still in your card. You can use it by same code on next order.

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