36V 15Ah Seat Tube Battery

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36V 15Ah Seat Tube Battery Electric Bike Li-ion Battery for MiFa, Rex, Prophete, Aldi

1.Technical Data
Voltage: 36V
Capaticy: 15Ah
Energy: 555Wh
Weight(with holder): ca. 4.0kg
Cell: High Power 18650
Cycle Life(time): 1000+
Standard Current: 10A
Max Current: 20A
Protect Current: 50A
End Voltage: 28V
Charge Voltage: 42V
Charge Current: 2A
2.Packing list
battery x 1
charger x 1 
key x 2
discharge connector x1

3.Warm tips
*Please read the instruction manual carefully after received the package, this will help you to use the product effectively.
*Battery delivery cost much more than ordinary goods, in order to reduce the return shipping cost, please make sure: battery and motor should have the same voltage.e.g. 36V10Ah vs 36V350W.
*If you want to return our battery back, please pay attention to the following points to avoid short circuit caused by improper operation :
1. If the battery has a switch, be sure to turn off the power switch.
2. Please keep the positive and negative poles of the battery insulated just like the battery you received.
3. Please use foam or other materials to fix the battery to avoid the battery shake in the carton.

4.Important notice for recycling of used batteries
*As a professional battery distributor, we strictly abide by local laws and regulations to ensure battery quality, transportation and storage safety, environmental protection.
*According to the battery regulation, batteries must not be disposed of with household ordinary waste. 
*Consumers are obliged to dispose of the used batteries to the professional recycling agency for proper disposal. They must not be arbitrarily throw into the trash. Please protect the environment! 

5.Copyright Statement:
All the contents including words, pictures and videos are original made by YOSE POWER.
It is not allowed to plagiarize without permission or we keep the right to pursue legal responsibility.

Customer Reviews

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36V 15Ah Tube Battery

Great price. Quick delivery. Great battery. Exactly what I wanted. Couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Yose Power.

Everything's fine

. The battery has more nominal capacity than the original and it shows. From the first moment the autonomy has increased and I hope it improves with use.


Preis - Leistung sehr gut. Schade dass keine Retour Meldung betreffend Mehrwertsteuer - Rückerstattung erfolgt ist.


36V 15Ah Seat Tube Battery


IT works good

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